What’s Your Give-Up Moment?

There is a point in your writing journey when every author realizes that the next, and only, step is:

Write The Book.

To spend the time, day after day, week after week, to put words on paper.

The learning is over, the doing has started. And yes, through the doing, through the writing, skills are honed, stories are told, and progress is made. After all, you are harnessing the power of mini-goals, right?

But what happens when you feel like you’ve stalled out? Like the finish-line is so far away that you might as well give up?

I get it!

You see, there’s a moment on every backpacking trip where I feel the same way. And it’s always on the way BACK to the truck! It’s the moment when my legs are burning and shaking, I’m hot and sweaty, the backpack has gotten heavier…

It’s the moment when the water in the CamelBak is too warm to be refreshing, (or has run out entirely!), the pick-me-up snacks in my pocket have all been eaten, and my back hurts, my shoulders ache, and my blisters have blisters.

The give-up moment has arrived.

For an author, giving up is a choice. It’s rarely a conscious choice; usually days go by without work on the manuscript. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and then the dream dies quietly and only guilt and dried up ideas remain.

That’s not what I want for you! And right now, in this week, you’ve got a special opportunity for your writing.

It’s the free training, “5 PROVEN Steps to Finally Write Your Book.”

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This is happening on November 1 at 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. And yes, there WILL be a replay – but you have to register to get it.

During this free training, I’ll teach you:

  • Why you SHOULDN’T use your ‘signature talk’ as your book… and what to do instead.
  • How to get MORE writing done… without giving up Netflix, your kids soccer games, or locking yourself in your office.
  • Debunking the Mental Monsters™ that keep you from even getting started… including my brand of Monster Spray that is sure to work.
  • And walking you through my PROVEN system to write a message-driven book… so that you can reach the people you’re meant to reach!

And yes, it’s FREE. Reserve your spot today.

To honor my action takers who register NOW, I’ve got a great package of goodies for you over the next two weeks. These are valuable resources to help you get the most from the training.

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