What to do when the idea fountain has run dry (but you still need to write your book!)

It happens to the best of us… You go to get a drink at the Idea Fountain only to find somebody didn’t pay the water bill! (And you’re pretty sure that “somebody” is you!)


Or the fountain is running, but instead of clean, crisp water brimming with wonderful ideas, it’s a stagnant trickle filled with bug legs and slime… and only provides mediocre ideas.

Double Craptastic!

So what do you do?

(And it’s especially painful when you’re looking at a looming deadline, dying of thirst, and that fountain is so dry even the DUST has blown away!)

Try sipping from the idea fountain from a different direction!

For me, this is often hitting Pinterest looking for crafting idea. I RARELY craft but I’ve been known to pull together some random supplies and then do a search on Pinterest to see what I can make with them.

Or gather a bunch of paint chips and think about re-painting a room. Repainting my laundry room (and decorating it) was just the ticket for one November that was riddled with lackluster ideas.

Work on your marketing plan – imagine all the ways you can reach new clients or new prospects. Or how to build your email list.

Search for gifts.

Play Legos. (With or without a kid!)

Often, I don’t actually have to DO the alternative creative idea – I just have to relax the “word creativity” portion of my brain and let a different creativity center take over for a while.

Did you know there are actually FIVE different “creativity areas” that you can tap into? That means that when one (or two!) have turned off, you can turn ON a different area.

Sometimes, because of what I do, I can’t COMPLETELY get away from that “word creativity” center. So, I let my conscious mind get a hall pass on that project and let my subconscious work on it.

Since I started watercolor painting in 2021, I find that using my creativity in another way (painting) can help my writing. Right now, I’m in the dreaming stages of a new book about writing a book in the age of AI. It feels like for every step I take forward, I take two steps back.


And fixable!

That feeling of being stuck is EXACTLY what I’ve created my new workshop, Boost Your Creative Juice.

If there’s one thing I know FOR SURE it’s that being creative is a process. And the more you practice being creative, the more creative you’ll be. Sometimes, you need help though.

That’s why I want you to register to join me for the all-new live workshop, “Boost Your Creative Juice” happening March 27.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to ALWAYS be able to tap into creativity. Always. No matter what is going on.
  • The FIVE areas of creativity (so if one is stuck, one of the others can light you up!)
  • Why INSPIRATION MIGHT lead to creativity – but how to stop waiting for it to show up.

Tickets are just $37! Register Here.

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