What Cows Taught Me About Writing a Book (and life)

I’m not talking about pet cows or milk cows here! I’m talking about the cows that are set out to roam the vast expanses of wilderness – and rounded up once a year. They aren’t wild or feral exactly, but they aren’t pets!

(Remind me to tell you our experience with a fully feral cow. It was… WILD!)

In my beloved Verde River Valley in Arizona, ranchers can get ground leases from the Forest Service to graze their cattle.

And cows, being large, herd animals, and rather dumb… wander around doing cow things. When we were dating, well before having kids, Ben and I spent MANY hours following cow paths while backpacking.

And here’s the thing about a cow path:

Cows make the paths because it’s easy for THEM. They always take the path of least resistance – for what makes sense in their COW BRAIN.

They aren’t lazy but they do make… interesting decisions about what is easier to them.

Examples are cow trails on the sides of big hills:

Humans would do it differently. A human sees the hill in its entirety and makes a BIG PLAN.

A cow sees… well, I don’t know. But it makes sense to the cow.

For the longest time, I thought I might be lazy. Because I always take the path of least resistance. Even if to another person, that creates extra steps or work.

Then I realized:

I’m just like those cows. It is the path of least resistance TO ME. It works FOR ME to go straight through that thick stand of juniper trees – when everybody else would go around. (Cows do this all the time; for as big as they are, they are also a lot shorter than a man!)

In your writing – figure out what works for YOU.

And then do that.

Even if it seems like more work to someone else.

That can show up like:

Writing it longhand then typing. But if writing longhand works for your (cow) brain – DO IT.

Having a favorite font or size on your word processor. I can’t STAND the Calibre font; don’t care that it’s now standard on Word. I have to use Times New Roman. So I’ve reset my system to have that as the default font and my (cow) brain is happy.

Using your favorite pen and notebook. Sure I CAN write with anything. But my (cow) brain prefers my one-subject, college-rule, spiral bound, blue notebooks and my Bic Glide pens.

Writing then you’ve got the most creativity/energy. My (cow) brain loves the early, early morning. That’s when I write. In the evenings, especially after 6 pm… I’m toast.

One way to get your (cow) brain to write is by taking itty bitty steps – one after another – that just make SENSE. ALL my trainings are broken down into “baby bird bites” so you can learn and do; learn and do.

A perfect path-of-least-resistance way to get started with writing your book is by using my self-study course, Outline Oyster.

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