The Sixth Mental Monster (and what to do about it!)

Yes, there IS a 6th Mental Monster (he shows up at the end…)

If you’ve been around my little corner of the internet at all, you’ll have heard me talk about the 5 Mental Monsters that Keep You from Writing Your Book. (Find them here:

They can be big and scary and keep you stuck.

But today, I wanted to introduce you to the SIXTH mental monster.

This guy – as cute and adorable as he may appear – shows up when you least expect it… just as all your dreams are on the cusp of coming true.

Mental Monster #6 shows up at the very end.

And he whispers…


Don’t finish.
Don’t publish.
Don’t be seen.


Mental Monster #6 feels like you’re about to walk around naked – with your dreams and hopes and ideas hanging out for the world to see.

It wants to keep you from actually sharing your message with the world.

It shows up in the form of endlessly tweaking and fiddling with your writing, the layout, the cover. It shows up in the dark of the night when you’re anxious about people reading and liking and buying the book.

It whispers in ears of all of us.

Don’t let it.

If Holly Doherty had listened to Mental Monster #6 when he came around… the world wouldn’t have the bestselling book, “Secondhand Worth” and women all over wouldn’t have healing

If Madeleine MacRae had listened to Mental Monster #6… she wouldn’t be a best-selling author of “The Tenacious Pursuit of Peace” AND women would still be wondering what it’s like to be reeling from the stunning blows of life – and what to do NEXT.

If Erin Copelan had listened to Mental Monster #6… caregivers wouldn’t have the bestselling book “Welcome to Caregiving” ready to help them through the hard times.

If Jenny Harris had listened to Mental Monster #6… she wouldn’t have found her own healing and wouldn’t be sharing faith, redemption, and love in “The Prodigal Dater”.

When you’re at the end of the writing or starting publishing and Mental Monster #6 starts his sibilant swishing in your ear, masquerading as staying safe and being unseen…

Don’t let him.

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