The hidden days in EVERY year are almost here! What’s your plan?

I was just telling Ben today how much I LOVE the days between Christmas and New Years. It feels like a huge push to get to Christmas with endless preparation, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. (And lights to see, songs to sing, yummies to eat, and traditions to create or honor…)

Then on December 26…

The whole world takes a collective pause.

The stores are busy, but they lack that crazy pre-Christmas frantic-ness. (Yes, even with long return lines, the stores are quieter.)

The trimmings of the season are still out, still beautiful, but they’ve faded into a quiet background – the anticipation has worn off.

Kids are out of school but there’s not much on the to-do list.

I find that these days are the most underused time of the year! It’s so easy to fritter it away noshing on leftovers, watching bad TV, and creating a Kim-shaped dip in the couch. The world is on pause – and it’s easy to get caught up in the nothingness of these five days.

Then New Years Day comes in a rush – with glossy magazine articles about resolutions, goals, and forming new habits. All of which is punctuated by the fact that you just did nothing for the last five days!

And you’re perfectly poised to make the most of the collective pause. (Be sure you’ve grabbed Writing Through the Holidays Workshop – it’s $9 well-spent!)

Then, take some time and decide if 2024 is the year you write your book.

I love the “fresh-slate” feeling of a new year and I’m not ashamed to say I’ll be taking full advantage of the upsurge of “New!” energy to jumpstart some exciting offerings. Let me know what YOU would like to see from me in 2024 – courses, events, and coaching.

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