The Difference Between WHAT to Write and HOW to Write It


You do NOT sit down to write a book and just… write.


While it’s NICE when the words pour out of you (and they might) – waiting for that level of flow isn’t sustainable.

Because it’s not HOW to write it (put words on paper.)

It’s WHAT to write:

  • Engaging stories that move the heart of your reader (so they remember)
  • Clear teaching that is talking to the reader, not at them
  • Showing your reader why and how you care
  • Moving from one story or teaching point to the next – in a way that makes sense for the reader

Which means you need a PLAN to write your message-driven book. Or… wait for it… a PROVEN SYSTEM.

That’s what you get in Finally Write Your Book. My proven system that has helped authors JUST LIKE YOU write their books and share their message.

In Finally Write Your Book we take a deep dive look at how to target your reader’s experiences so that you know everything you have in your book SERVES the reader. This means they:

  • Get the biggest transformation possible
  • Know how much you care
  • Are more likely to recommend the book to a friend
  • Can’t WAIT to become your client

And above all, you learn how to write your book in a way that is sustainable (no matter how busy you are) so that you can share your message with the world!

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