The Counterintuitive Technique to Getting More Writing Done in Less Time

My dad always says, “Kim we all have the same 24-hours in a day!”

And every.single.time he says it, I just get MAD!

Because me? I want to have MORE time than everybody else. I don’t want rules to apply to ME! I want to create MORE time out of LESS.

Like the alchemists of old who wanted to create gold out of lead, I want to make something out of nothing.

While I can’t create an extra hour on your clock, I can create more writing time in your day.

Here’s the counterintuitive technique to getting more writing done in less time:

You need to turn OFF the inner editor in your brain. That, as you know, is easier said than done! When you’re tying along and mis-spell a word, that little red squiggly underline stops you DEAD in your tracks – it must be fixed RIGHT NOW. (Same for the underline that means that your grammar isn’t spot-on and the computer is suggesting a fix.)

Those are great tools for EDITING. They’re lousy for writing.

And no, don’t go turn them OFF!

Because when you shift from writing the get-it-done draft of your book to a more important, formal piece of writing, you’ll have forgotten they were turned off and THAT is a recipe for a disaster.


Go to the COLOR of your text – where you can make it red or blue or green – and turn it to…


Yep, it’ll disappear against the page. As you type you WON’T be able to see your writing at all.

Did I just give you a heart attack? Stick with me!

Now, type. Write. Share. Do it as fast as possible.

Ignore the grammar and spelling squiggles.


When you can’t see your writing, you can’t judge it OR edit it in the moment. When you’re done with your writing session, highlight it all, and turn the font color BACK to black.

Then (this is key!) save it and WALK AWAY.

Don’t read (edit) it in the moment.

Come back after a break. Let it sit.

When you do come back, all you’re “fixing” is anything that is so badly misspelled you won’t know what you’re trying to say if you read it days or weeks later. (We don’t edit AS we’re writing!)

It’s completely counterintuitive to NOT be able to see what you’re writing AS you write it. But it’s also the fastest way to circumvent your inner critic and get more writing done.

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