The #1 Mindset You Need to Write Your Book

Let’s talk about… mindset.


Mindset doesn’t write books.

WRITING – the physical act – writes books.

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There I said it! Whew!

Mindset alone doesn’t do you any good. Because action is what actually moves your book forward. The action of thinking about your book, planning out your stories, and then *gasp* putting words onto paper.


Now there are FIVE Mental Monsters™ that keep you from writing your book. Read about them here.

And the thing with these Mental Monsters™ is that they like to show up – alone or in combination – often. So yes, there is mindset work that you need to do to recognize those Mental Monsters™, deal with them, and get back to writing.

At “Brew Your Book – LIVE: Stop ‘Percolating’ on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book” we have a whole session about identifying and dealing with your mental monster.

But here’s something you need to know about how we deal with it at the event:

We do it LAST. The very last thing on the very last day.


Because you don’t START writing your book with mindset!

I’ve been around the Internet course building, coaching, mentoring space a LOOOOOOONG time (like 10 years.) And I’ve seen so many experts put together their course, program, system, etc.

Every single one has a mindset element. Every single course, program, system, book, training – you name it.

And often times, getting into the right mindset is the foundational piece. The FIRST step.


That isn’t the truth for writing a book.

Let me say that again:

Working on your MINDSET is not the first step in writing your book.

(Nor is it dealing with your procrastination, inertia, or habits.)

The FIRST step in writing your book is your message.


Which is why we spend an entire DAY on Message at “Brew Your Book – LIVE!” and only one session on Mental Monsters™.

If you’re still on the fence about joining us, this is your prod to get OFF the fence, register your ticket, and come to Prescott, Arizona April 7-9!

At the event you’ll learn:

  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • Exactly how to write powerfully and easily – even if you think you’re not a writer or struggle with expressing yourself in written word.
  • What needs to go into the book and what doesn’t so that your reader feels that you understand them – and are here to help.
  • How to deal with procrastination, writer’s block, overwhelm, and lack of motivation so that you’re able to keep going – moving forward and making steady progress – even if your inspiration gets derailed.
  • My proven method to consistently finding the time to write no matter how busy your life is!
  • How to engage your readers – from the first page – so that they keep reading, and so they recommend your book to their friends.
  • How to share your message in a way that your readers will remember – even if they forget the steps of your process, acronym, or system.
  • Why writing a book is the best way to be seen as an expert – and how having a book can open doors to interviews, speaking gigs, and more clients.
  • And more…

Register Here – Ticket Is $297

PLUS: I feed you breakfast, lunch, and a snack each day!

When I had to switch to virtual events, I wanted my gift box to recreate the feeling of how I take care of my people. No matter how much love I poured into it, it was just a box. Being in the same room with me allows me to REALLY take care of you – and feed you!

Yes, we can accommodate dietary restrictions.

Register Today >>> Tickets Are Filling Fast

You see, my darling author, this event IS filling quickly. My local media ran my press release (yay!) and I’ve got a slew of local authors getting their tickets (yay!)

You and I have a relationship though. We KNOW each other.

So I want YOU to be there.

And yes, the room IS limited.

The classroom can hold 30 people (yes, with PLENTY of space) and you get room at a TABLE. (Not jammed in shoulder-to-shoulder like a sardine!)

But the space for DINNER…

That is limited to just 20.

And I want you there. And YOU need to be there. Because 2022 is the year you FINALLY write your book.


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