Crafting A Killer {Book} Title

Your title is the single most important part of your book. Period.

Whew! I said it. Finally.

I work with authors every day. And I wish that more of them would spend more time working on their book’s title. Or at least listen to my years of hard-won knowledge about what makes a title work and what makes a title a flop.

Public Service Announcement: This whole article is about titles for non-fiction books!

Sure, your cover is critical, 020315-KillerTitlebut it’s not as important as your title.

See, too many authors think that cutesy is the same as effective.
Or that eye-grabbing is the same as effective.
Or that sensational is the same as effective.
Or that a play-on-words is the same as effective.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

A trap authors fall into is that they stop thinking like a business owner whose goal is to sell books, thinking like a true marketer, and start thinking they’re a jingle writer.

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