20 Great Gifts For Writers

I always get the best shopping ideas from the gift buying lists! Here’s a list of gifts for writers that I’ve compiled that are sure to thrill any writer on your list. Or maybe you’ll pick up a gift or two for yourself.

With the exception of my HIGHLY recommended leather journal, all items on this list are $25 or less!

FYI: The TITLES are the links to the products!

D’Vyne Wrytes Leather Journal


I thought long and hard about suggesting a blank journal for the writer in your life. Frankly, we all have something that is “the perfect journal” and I always get a little cranky when I get a journal that doesn’t match that ideal. But Leslie’s stuff is just fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. I have three or four of her journals!

This isn’t under $25 BUT it is 100% worth the investment!


Stephen King’s On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft

I have a much loved, much dog eared version of the original. Even if you don’t like King’s terrifying stories, he offers fantastic insights into writing novels that can be applied to any type of writing.

Writer’s Block Mug

Writer’s Block: when your imaginary friends stop talking to you
Because writers drink copious amounts of coffee!

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