Sell More Books With A Kick-Ass Cover

Trust me: Your book cover matters!

It’s actually the second most important thing that will make or break your book’s sales. (The FIRST thing is your title… Check back next week for details about crafting a killer title!)

And I think that authors understand that covers are important but they don’t understand just HOW critical they are. After all, a book has to have a cover.

012715-JudgeBelieving the old adage: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ did you NO favors!

Judging a book by its cover is EXACTLY what your potential readers will do. Notice I said potential readers… That’s because a lousy cover will prevent those people from buying and reading your book!

This is way more important than just choosing a talented graphic artist!

Covers need to:

  • Be readable
  • Have an easy-to-identify image/message
  • NOT feature your name in huge print unless you know people will buy just because it’s you (I’m thinking Steven King or JK Rowling here!)
  • Look amazing as a thumbnail
  • Have fantastic contrast in black & white!

Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the DON’T DO THIS of cover design…

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