How to Reset Your Writing Habit at ANY Time

Do you ever look back at the year and think:

“OMG It’s nearly July! Which means this year is just about halfway over!”


“I can’t BELIEVE it’s nearly my birthday/anniversary AGAIN! Where has the year gone?”


“It’s Monday. AGAIN! THIS is the week I’m finally going to make progress!”


How do any of those moment-in-time questions make you feel? Is the steady march of time a good thing – or a scary thing? Are you making progress toward your goals for your book this year… or not?

When you just “think” about what you’ve accomplished over the last six months, it’s really easy to fall into the “I didn’t do ANYTHING” trap. (Seriously, I do that too!)

You look back and only see where you “failed.”

(It’s rare, but sometimes you look back and overestimate what you’ve accomplished. MOST people only see a list of their setbacks, disappointments, and where they missed the mark,)


How do you KNOW what you’ve really accomplished?


And then revaluating. Making a new plan.

All too often, goal setting is limited to January.

Um… that’s ridiculous! You can set a goal at ANY point in the year. There is no magic in January. Just like there’s no magic on Monday, or June 21, or in any other day.

Frankly ANY day that ends in y is a GREAT time to do a reset. Evaluate your goals. Create evidence of where you’re succeeding – and where you can use improvement. I spent my early morning doing just that: reviewing my goals, changing the ones that no longer fit, looking at what I’ve met (yay), where I’m getting closer, which I’ve forgotten (do I even still want that?), and setting NEW goals for myself.

This is where “The Writer’s Goal Setting Workbook: A Step-By-Step Process to Getting Your Writing Done” comes in.

I created this workbook JUST for you – to help you set goals around your writing. It will walk you through your wins, where you need improvement, and how to set doable goals for the upcoming months.

And no, you don’t ONLY need to start it in January!

It also offers 12 monthly tracking sheets so you can track your progress. No more “I THINK I’m doing it” or “I suck. I don’t do it.” – you’ll be able to see your progress add up.

Here’s some GREAT news:

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And let’s make the next months something amazing!


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