Rant: When People Want Your Book For Free

062315-GrrrrLast month, I released an anthology that I edited. 44 authors (myself included) came together to create the book. While I don’t know how much time each author put it, I know that my time alone was somewhere pushing 100 hours.

Not to mention the time, money, and effort involved to fly from Arizona to Maryland to release the book at a live event with 3,000 people in attendance.

And when I got home, I had to mail out a copy of the book to each and every contributor. While SOME of these costs were covered, most weren’t.

But it’s been all worth it to see picture after picture appear in the last week on Facebook as authors received their contributor copies. For nearly 40 of them, this was their first-ever publication AND their first book.

Pretty huge stuff, right?

The authors have been tagging me when they are showing off the book so I get to revel in their successes and share their joy.

And then this…


You will have to put a screen shot of that page on here because I don’t see myself buying this book. Would love to see what you wrote though.

Let me tell you, my blood pressure shot through the ROOF on this comment.

Now, I get it… This woman may:

  • Not have any money to buy a book
  • Be struggling financially
  • Be a mother of 4 living paycheck to paycheck
  • Be illiterate (see what you wrote vs read what you wrote)

But! BUT… To so blatantly disregard all the hard work her friend put into the book (I really care little about my time or the other authors, here) to ask for a screen shot.


If you can’t afford a $15 book or a $6 eBook, I can get it. I’m sorry that money is so incredibly tight for you.

But there are ways you CAN support your friend like:

  • I can’t wait to read it the next time we’re together!
  • I’ll request a copy from my library!
  • That’s so awesome. I’m proud of you!
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Because here’s how I’m taking the comment:
Congrats to you but since I’m not really interested in the book, it’s a waste of time, money, effort, etc. to purchase a copy.

You know what I told folks who have supported myself and my authors – but who really weren’t into the book beyond the purchase and reading it once for support – to do?

Buy it. Read the part you want. DONATE it to the library.

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And here’s the bottom line:

ANY author of a book has poured his or her heart and soul into it. They deserve any and all the support you can give. Give it generously. Recognize that this is WAY out on a limb for most people. Reward the achievement, share in the joy of the moment.

And for crying out loud: BUY THEIR BOOK!

(I rarely go on rants – especially here. So I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, comments, counter-points, etc. Leave me a comment about how you would have handled this situation!)

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