Is the Q4 Desperation Settling In?

It never fails: as soon as the calendars flip to October, my inbox and Facebook feed starts filling up with:

  • What are YOU doing to make the last 90 days of 2018 great?
  • Only 70 shopping days until Christmas! Are you ready?
  • Well, the holidays are coming so I might as well wait for New Year’s Resolutions…
  • Pumpkin spice! OMG I love it!
  • Fall colors!
  • Down with Candy Corn.
  • Don’t try to launch (or make sales) because nobody buys after October 1!
  • The year is 3/4 of the way over … and you’re a loser if you didn’t make your goals.
  • Pumpkin spice – YUCK!
  • Goal setting … how to prep for 2019.
  • Goals don’t work – do THIS instead.

And on and on and ON it goes.


Deep breath, my friend. Remember that the date is just an arbitrary number on a calendar—it’s never too late to take a step toward your goals.

And, yes, even though 2018 IS 75% over, that doesn’t mean you should hibernate until spring!

Here are THREE resources to re-ignite your excitement, set you up for success RIGHT now, and yes, surge into 2019 in a wave of momentum.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll LOVE the price. They’re all free!

1. Join me for Bestseller Saturdays – Starting October 20

Over the next three Saturdays, I’m going to be bringing you three deep-dive training sessions where we’ll be looking at what it really takes to write your book – and to do it quickly! Here’s a hint: putting words on paper is NOT step 1. And when you jump to that step (it’s actually closer to Step 4) THAT’S why you haven’t been successful in writing your book.

These sessions are 100% free! Sign up here.

2. Launch Your Biz Giveaway hosted by Maribel Jimenez

You see, my friend, I KNOW that you’re all about sharing your message, making a difference, and helping people. And I also know that sometimes you get derailed by the ins and outs of making that happen. That’s why myself plus 23 people are bringing you the BEST tools, cheat sheets, trainings and templates to launch your work powerfully! We’re teaching you inner AND outer work to be unstoppable!

Simple. Easy to Follow. No fluff.

Register Here. (You have to register to get the goodies. Trust me, it’s worth it!)

3. One Epic Giveaway hosted by Renee Li

No registration is required here! You’ll get tools and resources from 14 experts to help you fill the shoes that God gave you so you can step into the amazing life, business, and successes you KNOW are waiting for you.

These gifts also include some about manifesting, creating monetary-energy alignment, and human design.

No registration required. Get the gifts here.

Right now, I want you to remember that curling up and waiting for the New Year is no way to be the powerful, awesome, message-driven person I KNOW you are.

And if you’re hungry for a BIT more forward-planning, here’s a fourth resource.

4. Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Workbooks

I’ve used these since 2015 and when I fill them out and review them regularly… stuff happens.

Not only am I actually achieving my goals, I KNOW what they are in the first place. And that’s huge! Leonie has two versions: Life and Biz. And yes, I think you should get them BOTH. They’re different and you need both tools.



Now, here’s the inside scoop:

She’s using a new publisher for the 2019 books. And that publisher, for reasons I’ll never understand, didn’t have a bajillion copies of the book sold. (A book that annually sells 10,000+ or more!) So don’t wait until December or January – pre-order TODAY to be sure you get a copy.

And share that link so your friends can get theirs too!

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