Ooh La La: The Pleasurable Guide to Picking a Writing Notebook

When someone hears you’re a writer, the next thing you know, you’re being gifted notebooks and pens and office supplies for every birthday, anniversary, and special occasion.

And while you DO love office supplies and the feel of a new notebook (who doesn’t?!) that doesn’t mean that the well-meaning gift giver gave you the RIGHT notebook.

Here’s how to pick the perfect notebook for you!

Binding Matters

If you’re right-handed, this might matter less. But any leftie will tell you that it’s horrible to be laying your wrist on a spiral! Handle the notebook. Lay it flat (or on your knee) and FEEL what it will be like to write in it. If you prefer a spiral so it’ll lay flat and you can easily flip pages, then a perfect bound will never suit you.

If you’re a leftie, think about a notebook with binding at the TOP. (And you can find ones that are more luxurious than just a Steno pad.

The Ink You’ll Use

Before we talk about the feel of the paper, you need to think about the pen that you most often reach for. If you love a wetter ink, then it’ll bleed through some papers and smear. A ballpoint is easy to use but can leave divots and channels in the paper.

Thinking of your favorite writing tool allows you to choose the perfect paper.

Perfect Paper for Next Ideas

It matters (a lot) if your notebook will be lined, graph, dotted, or blank. The weight of the paper matters – and so does how glossy or matte it is. There’s a real seduction in the beautiful cover of a journal; but if the paper inside isn’t right, you’ll never use it.

This is the place to honor your preferences and pick the interior paper that is the most soothing to you.

Seductive Beauty Over Perfect Function

That leather-covered thong journal IS beautiful. But if the pills of leather and the extra effort to loosen the thong is too much, then leave THAT journal on the shelf and find on that is as beautiful as it is functional.

No matter what type of journal is perfect for you, choose the notebook that you’ll use – again and again. And when you find one you love – buy two!

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