Myth: Writing a Book Takes a Long Time

Truth: Writing a book takes consistent effort – in the right direction.

Most authors who come to me have been “working” on their book for about two years. That’s two years of a page here, a few pages there, a week of consistent effort followed by MONTHS of nothing.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “Writing a book takes a long time – like YEARS.”

Supported by this crappy belief are all the “overnight” book sensations who hit a bestseller list and then share that they’ve been working on their book for the last decade.

(Behind The Scenes: Those are OFTEN novels. And those CAN take far longer.)

Writing a book takes consistent effort over time.

How MUCH time varies from author to author – the consistency is what makes the difference between an author who finishes their book and one who… doesn’t.

Crafting a daily writing habit matters.

But it’s not just sitting down at 7 am every day to “work on the book.”

WHAT you’re focusing on…
WHICH stories your telling…
HOW you’re reaching your reader…
WHY you’re sharing this example, teaching point, and story…
WHY sharing your message matters to you…
WHO you’re writing for (and how to reach them…

THOSE things are more important.

In fact, answering those questions is the difference between a daily journaling practice and a daily writing habit that creates a BOOK.

Here’s the good news:

Everything in my PROVEN course, “Finally Write Your Book,” is designed to create that daily writing habit.

We start with my proven system – not just the STEPS themselves but also HOW they are delivered, in “Baby Bird Bite” lessons that are designed to be watched and DONE in about 15 minutes a day.

As you learn and do… that automatically creates a daily writing habit that translates into WRITING your book.

“Step 5: WRITING Your Book” is where you take the learn/do habit that you’ve already developed, apply all my tricks, tips, and habits to staying in the writing flow and apply it to writing YOUR book – with your schedule.

No matter how busy you are…
… if you have small kids.
… if you have ADHD.
… if you’ve never been successful in the past.

And before you know it, you’ll have your book COMPLETED.

You can find out how to get MORE writing done… without giving up Netflix, your kids soccer games, or locking yourself in your office (including a few must-know tips for writing productivity) in my free virtual training, “5 Proven Steps to FINALLY Write Your Book.”

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