My Secret to Writing Your Book Like a Boss

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re used to knuckling down and Getting Things Done. You love a challenge and you ALWAYS rise to the occasion.

So when you set the goal to write a book, you thought:

No problem! I’ve got this in the bag!

And then…

  • It isn’t such a straight path.
  • The lists and checklists and templates feel restrictive.
  • You want to be creative, but you’re worrying about “doing it wrong.”
  • Days are ticking by on the calendar and you don’t feel any closer to writing the book.

What’s wrong with you?!

Deep breath, friend. Writing a book is NOT like clearing out the garage! They are both a project, yes, but the steps to clean your garage are more of a “rinse and repeat” process to figure out what you’re gonna toss and what you’ll keep (and how to store it!) Writing a book needs a better plan.

You’ve got mad skills for figuring things out – and you’re really self-sufficient. You’ve probably had great success in the past with getting a tiny bit of knowledge, applying it, tweaking it, and you’re off to the races – successes raining down!

And it’s frustrating that you can FEEL the book trying to come together – but it isn’t.

Here’s my secret to writing like a boss:

Get Better Help.

It’s not about delegating the writing (ghostwriter) but it IS about tapping into the right system that will allow you to write the book that is on your heart, use your gifts, and do it in your own time frame.

No restrictive templates – but a SYSTEM that has worked for authors

It starts with my free training, “How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) in 2023 – Without Sacrificing Your Life!”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • All you need for your book is to write down your signature talk, right? WRONG! I’ll explain how your book needs to be so much more.
  • If you do this one thing you’ll be GUARANTEED to get MORE writing done… without giving up Netflix, your kids’ soccer games, or locking yourself in your office. (Hint: I’m a busy mom of three!)
  • My PROVEN system to write a message-driven book… so that you can reach the people you’re meant to reach! This is the system I use myself AND it has helped authors around the world to FINALLY start – and finish – their books!
  • AND debunking the Mental Monsters™ that keep you from even getting started… including my brand of Monster Spray that is sure to work. Get this wrong and you’ll NEVER finish your book.

Save your seat and watch the free class today!

Kim Galloway
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