My Gentlest Tips for Writing More Without Fear

Writing doesn’t SEEM like it should be scary… but it can be!

You’re not composing an email – you’re putting your innermost thoughts on the page FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO READ.

You’re not sending a text – you’re sharing parts of your life’s story in print FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO READ.

You’re not doing a quick Instagram post about your hike – you’re sharing what you KNOW will help someone else and putting it out there FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO READ.

You probably love journaling. You enjoy quiet time in nature. You’re the BEST listening ear to any friend (or stranger) in need.

It isn’t actually the ACT of writing…

It’s the fact that you’re writing FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO READ.

Here are my GENTLEST tips to help you overcome that (very real) fear:

1. Remember that you are loved.

Hold onto that feeling of love. You love your reader (deeply) which is why you’re called to share your message. And they love you just as much.

Your reader ALREADY loves you.

Sink into that feeling of love and let it come out in every word.


2. Go gentle with yourself.

This is Big Work that you’re doing. Give yourself extra time and space to process. Take that time in nature. Have a shower by candlelight. Slowly sip the tea before you begin to write.

Writing your book shouldn’t take years – but it will take energy. Be gracious with yourself and meet those needs.

3. Ask for support.

You do not have to do this alone. Getting the right support and mentorship can make all the difference. Through my course, Finally Write Your Book, you’ll have a proven process to lean in to (not figuring it out on your own) PLUS support from your fellow authors so that you never feel alone.

Enrollment for Finally Write Your Book opens soon. But you can get started, today, with an easy action by joining my free training, “How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) in 2023 – Without Sacrificing Your Life!”

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