Mistakes I’ve Made When Writing My Own Books

Quick Backstory:

I have written over 20 books with my name on the cover. (It’s not like I’ve written two books and now teach others how to write.)

I have a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. (I’ve studied the craft of writing my entire adult life.)

I have multiple books that have gone bestsellers in a variety of categories – including one that hit #4 out of ALL the books Amazon sells. (I’m not a one-hit wonder.)

I have coached my clients through writing and launching best-selling books. (Proven system to both write AND market books.)

Why This Matters:

Because if there’s a mistake out there… I’ve made it.

It also matters because I want you to know that I’m in this for the long haul. I didn’t write ONE book – and then teach others. I didn’t have ONE bestseller – and then teach others.

Here’s the BIGGEST mistake I’ve made when writing my books:

Not clearly identifying the next step for my readers.

It doesn’t mean that *I* have to take them on the next step – but I should have figured out what their next step WAS after reading my book (and assuming they got the transformation from the book I wanted them to have.)

Thankfully, YOU don’t have to make this mistake!

In my proven course, “Finally Write Your Book,” you’re going to do the lesson, “Hot Mess to Clarity Curve.”

In this lesson, you figure out exactly HOW your reader will transform over the course of your book. Yes, it matters if you’re writing a process book OR a memoir!

This is in Step 2: OUTLINING Your Message-Driven Book.

It also gets paired with my “Pizza Slices Process” that helps you figure out what goes in the book… and what doesn’t. The pizza slices that DON’T go in the book are hinted at – to create hunger and desire for your reader to take those next steps.

(If you’re a coach, this is where you can lead them to your program, system, or coaching!)


Then in Step 4: TARGETING Your Reader’s Experiences you pair these exercises with Reader’s Continuums to uncover how you need to reach your reader – what exact words and ideas will move her heart. And using the WIIFTR Decoder, you’ll know exactly how to put the reader first in your book. (Otherwise, your book is just about you!)

Plus, you’ll use the My Reader Worksheet you can print out and put next to your computer to ALWAYS know how to craft your words so the reader will feel seen, heard, and loved!

I created all these lessons because of the mistake I made:

  • Great book.
  • No follow-through.

That means not only will YOU know what next steps your reader should take after reading (and loving) your book, THEY will know as well.

PLUS, as a bonus to the course, you get my CTA Worksheet – so when you want your reader to take the action to get on your list, work with you further, or follow you on social media, you know how to weave that into your book so it’s neither an afterthought NOR makes your book feel like a long-form sales letter!

In fact, I’ve made sure that everything you need to successfully write your book is in this course (and delivered in a way that makes sense from one lesson to the next!)

Here’s what’s in the course:

  • Kim’s full “Story Path” System ($5000 value) this is the exact same PROVEN system that has helped authors JUST LIKE YOU write their books
  • Students-Only Facebook Community ($3750 value) where you can find your accountability buddy, access the group Q&A call, and have ongoing support
  • Monthly Group Q&A Call ($2000 value) so you have MY brain on your book — and hear from your fellow message-driven authors.
  • How to Take Author Headshots ($400 value) so that your readers can instantly connect with you.
  • About the Author Action Sheet ($500 value) so you can easily write your author bio for the book, your marketing, and speaking gigs!
  • Software Recommendations ($1000 value) so you know exactly what you need to write your book and don’t waste time “shopping” for programs.
  • CTA worksheet ($500 value) — so you can have your readers take actions (buying a course or getting on your list) without having your book read like a long-form sales letter OR leaving the “work with me” to be an afterthought.
  • And more!

Doors open soon for Finally Write Your Book – watch for the email OR get on the waitlist here.

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