Messy Mistakes I’ve Made: Creating from Your Head, Not Your Heart

I’ve written a lot of books. Over twenty as a matter of fact. And ONE stands out as having a major messy mistake when I was writing it:

Pitch Your Tent: A Family’s Guide to Tent Camping

I worked REALLY HARD on the outline for that book. I needed to keep it tight (beginners going camping) and on topic (tent camping, not RV or backpacking.) I got outside input from all the right places: experts who knew more about camping than I did AND beginners who had only gone once or twice.

Here’s where I got it wrong. Followed my head, not my heart.

There is a GIANT chapter in that book around tents.

So what?

It should have been a clue when researching and writing it took WEEKS. When a life-long camper (me) was looking up terms and tent styles and IGNORING the sinking feeling in my heart that I was on the wrong track.

You see…


My HEART knew that picking a tent was important.

My HEAD said that I had to have The Treatise on all types of tent styles.


That led me to stuff a lot of material into that chapter that WAS NOT RELEVANT TO MY READER.


The good news:

This messy mistake *I* made means that you don’t have to! I’ve figured out how you can tap into YOUR intuition to keep in your heart – and to your message – and let the “logic” that says, “THIS MUST BE IN THERE”… wither and die.


Because your head is WRONG.


All that technical details that PROVE you’re an expert…

Let your heart SHOW the reader how much you care.


The research that is bogging you down…

You already know what you need to impart to your reader.


The section or chapter that feels so heavy, the one you don’t want to write…

Don’t. If it’s that heavy and hard to you, it’ll be that heavy and hard to the reader.


The GREAT news:

I can teach you EXACTLY how to avoid this messy mistake in my course, Outline Oyster. I’ve had over a decade of experience working with authors JUST LIKE YOU to get out of your head, into your heart, when writing a book.


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