How to feed your soul and your writing: Have an adventure

Pssst… Can I tell you a secret?

Adventures feed your creativity.
More than reading, more than exercise, more than practicing writing, ADVENTURES feed your creativity and makes your writing sparkle.

There’s a REASON I’m always off having adventures – hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, geocaching. It’s not just because it’s fun (although it is) but it’s because it feeds my creativity.

Adventures give ideas.
Adventures expand your soul.
Adventures make it easier to sit at the keyboard, day after day, and write.

Just so we’re crystal clear, I’m not only talking about the type of adventures I have where you get dirty, sweaty, and rattled at by snakes. (Don’t get me wrong, this is what works for me!)

But any type of adventure will do.

Maybe that’s exploring a new city.
Or trying a new food.
Or taking a quantum leap.

{Speaking of, watch your inbox tomorrow for a quantum leap announcement.}

The bottom line is that when you routinely get out of your comfort zone big shifts happen in your life and your writing. Don’t judge your comfort zone against somebody else’s – trust me, Ben is WAY more daring with rock climbing than I am! But I challenge my personal comfort zone regularly.

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061814-FirstTimeAnd don’t think that just because your comfort zone is WAY OUT THERE in one area of your life it’s like that for all aspects. Comfort zones are always depicted as a nice, tidy round circle. But in the real world – they’re more like fluffy clouds: out there in some areas and close in in others.

But how can you best use your writing to:
– Expand your reach
– Boost your creativity
– Get your message out

If all you ever do is the same ol’ thing?

Push yourself. Have an adventure. Write about it. Or write something completely different but draw upon the expansive feelings of adventure and let them shine through.

So tell me: What adventure are YOU going to have?

Kim Galloway
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