How Dogs Can Help with Loving Your Writing Process (without Shame)

This is Hank.

  • Hank loves snuggling his girl.
  • Running up and down the fence with the neighbor dogs.
  • Going for family stomps.
  • Standing outside at bedtime and barking – to let the world know he’s here. (Then he sleeps.)

Hank doesn’t think too much about what he loves. He snuggles his girl, every chance he gets. He waits for the neighbor dogs to call him over, then he runs. He waits by the back gate of the 4Runner, then gets in and goes for a stomp. Hank barks after he eats his dinner, not for very long, just so everything within earshot knows he’s a BIG dog and will FIERCELY protect his family, mostly, his girl.

Hank doesn’t feel any shame about the things he loves.

  • Hank really doesn’t care if someone thinks he’s “soft” or “a weenie” when a toddler is using him as a pillow to read her book.
  • Hank doesn’t care that the neighbor dog runs slower than him, he enjoys the air in his face and the dirt under his toes.
  • Hank doesn’t worry that going out on a stomp to sniff new things might expand his knowledge – including that he cannot outrun a deer.
  • Hank isn’t concerned that he MIGHT be bothering the neighborhood when he barks after dinner. He uses his voice to say, “I’m here. I’m the guard dog. It’s dark. I’m HERE.”

Be like Hank.

When you enjoy something (writing) do it without shame. ENJOY it.

When moving your body (hand, wrist, and fingers on the keyboard) is pleasurable, do it without shame. Enjoy the feelings and sounds of writing.

When you need a chance of pace to broaden your horizons, get in the car and GO. Enjoy it. Windows down.

And when it’s time to share your message, share your voice… DO IT. The world needs to know that YOU are here.

After all, your message matters.

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