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On October 4, 2020, I had routine gallbladder surgery that went sideways. So I’m very far from recovered — doctors are saying 3-4 MONTHS before I can resume normal activities, and a few more WEEKS before I can be at the computer (i.e. sitting up) for any length of time.

Thank GOD for great business friends. Today’s article is from Kristen Robinson — and I highly recommend you jump on her newsletter here >>>

5 Steps to Create a Successful Facebook Ad that Works and Converts For Your Online Business

“Facebook Ads are scary Kristen!”

I get this reaction when I suggest doing Facebook Ads to grow their business, and I get it.

Facebook Ads CAN be scary. What makes it scary is that you’re going into unknown territory. You’re not sure how it’s going to work out.

Oh, and let’s not forget the horror stories. You know what I’m talking about. The ones where they spent THOUSANDS of dollars on Facebook Ads and got nothing in return. Or how Facebook Ads simply didn’t work.

With all of these horror stories and the unknown about Facebook Ads, I can see why it’s scary.

So, I’m going to breakdown my 5 step system on how to create a Facebook Ad that works and converts so it doesn’t seem as scary.

Step 1: Target the RIGHT people
The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make is that they are so general with who needs to see their Facebook Ad. With Facebook Ads, you don’t want to be general. You really want to be specific so that the right people click on your ad. Remember, a small number of the RIGHT people is better than a huge amount of the “kind of right people” any day.

Step 2: Have compelling ad copy
The key to having great copy for your Facebook Ad is knowing what your audience wants. Here’s a tip: People are selfish. They only care what’s in it for them. In your Facebook Ad, make sure you have at least 3-4 key benefits of what the person is going to get and why it matters.

Step 3: Create an Attracting Image
You can use video in your Facebook Ads but if you’ve NEVER done one before, I suggest using an image instead. It’s more important to get your Facebook Ad converting and working and when you add video, there is a whole other dimension to your Facebook Ad. The key to having a great image for your Facebook Ad is that you want it to be a visualization of your Facebook Ad text. Take the time to think about the message and emotion you want your image to convey when people see your Facebook Ad.

Step 4: Plan Your Budget for Results
One of the biggest myths about Facebook Ads is that you need THOUSANDS of dollars to do Facebook Ads. You really don’t need a lot of money to have a successful Facebook Ad campaign. If you can give up your monthly Starbuck’s habit, you have enough money for Facebook Ads. If you’re just starting out, I recommend $10 per day for 7-10 days. 7 days is long enough for your Facebook Ad to get you some great leads and 10 days in case it’s doing really well.

Step 5: Use the Ads Manager
This may go without saying but so many people boost their posts and think it’s advertising on Facebook. Unfortunately, boosting a post and doing a Facebook Ad are two different things. When you boost a post on Facebook, you are paying for that post to be seen by the people who “like” your Facebook Business page. Let’s be real: those people who “like” your Facebook Business page could care less about your posts. Rather than spend money on people who don’t care about seeing your content, you can invest that money into Facebook Ads where you choose the people who are going to see it.

And THAT is how you create a successful Facebook Ad that works and converts for your online business!

I hope by laying out my system step by step that this demystifies Facebook Ads for you and makes them less scary.

If you want to know more about Facebook Ads, check out my Facebook Ads Guide here:

Kristen Robinson is the Lead Generation Specialist of KRDMarketing. She helps online coaches and mentors explode their audiences so that they can sell and fill their online courses, programs, and get coaching clients. Kristen is also a military spouse. Her husband, Lamont, serves the United States in the Marine Corps. When she is not working or attending a Family Day for her husband’s unit, she is playing with her Black Lab/hound mix puppy, Taichou.

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