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Welcome to a brand new year! I have to say, last week’s article was actually inspired by this one, written by Martha Austin of

010516-KimAndMarthaI’ve had the privilege of working with Martha for about a year and a half and I can honestly say I’ve never met a more giving person. Not only has she given to what inspires her in life (including traveling around the world with Global Dental Relief) but what she pours into her clients to spread greatness in the world is nothing short of remarkable.

As we’re entering a new year, many of us are creating new habits for ourselves. One habit that I adopted in Q4 of 2015 was a tithing practice. But instead of blindly donating 10% of my income, I’m purposefully giving to what inspires me. The idea is from “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity” by Edwene Gains but it was really Martha who helped me incorporate this into my life.

Please don’t be thrown by Martha’s focus on government employees! I can guarantee that she’s offering something to everyone who is a mission-driven person but is getting stuck in the red tape of the workplace.

And be sure to check out the About Martha after the article for a special offer from Martha.

Spreading Greatness: Give to what Inspires You

In this season of thanksgiving, we’re bombarded with invitations to donate to this charity or that food bank based on the desperateness of some persistent need. It drives me absolutely crazy!

This is might sound rather cold to some of you, but here it is: I will not give to a “need.”

And here’s why: the need in this world is simply too vast. There will always be those who are sick, hungry, homeless, or destitute. When you give to a “need”, you’re giving out of a sense of obligation or guilt, putting your attention on the need, and actually creating more of it.

None of us want that!

Now before you think I am the epitome of Ebenezer Scrooge, let me say that I am a STRONG proponent of giving.

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But I believe in giving generously to INSPIRATION, to any person, place, or institution that feeds me spiritually.

What do you want to see MORE of in the world? Give to that!

Leaning in to inspiration is what spreads greatness into the world. Have you ever thought about how you can spread greatness in your “world”?

010516-Inspiration(Remember, greatness is the essence of being extraordinary! Greatness comes from deliberately choosing to recognize, magnify, and give your gifts at the highest level.)

So what inspires you? What makes you sit up and say, “Wow! Look at that!” with wide eyes and a child-like sense of pleasure? What fills you up to the point that you “leak happy” everywhere?

It is your own greatness that gives you the capacity to “heal” the sick, “feed” the poor, “house” the homeless, and “comfort” the destitute. WHY? Because you’re spreading greatness by giving to inspiration. Focusing your time, money, and attention on the good creates more of that good in the world. And that, in turn, inspires more greatness. It’s a magnificent upward spiral.

There’s no hard and fast rule around how or what to give except give to what inspires YOU. Examples might be an extra tip to the waitress who was really, really nice to you even though you were a little bit grumpy this afternoon. Or maybe it’s giving your time and energy to a non-profit organization whose mission speaks to your heart and lights you up inside. It can even be attending a charity gala because the people there remind you of who you are and why you continually pursue your greatness for the benefit of others.

Giving to #inspiration creates more inspiring things in the world. What are you giving to? Share on X

The inspiration could be giving to a friend who did something really kind for you. Or accomplishing something particularly challenging in her life, or creating something special in the world, and you want to acknowledge her for it and honor the inspiration she visited back on you, just by being who she is.

The thing to remember is: Give generously to the inspiration. When you lean in to that thing that you want to see more of in the world, you create more greatness. That is Greatness In Government.

About Martha

2MarthaAustinMy clients, especially those inside kludgy bureaucracies, come to me specifically for my pioneering ideas, irreverent professionalism, and entrepreneurial mindset. That is why I specialize in pulling tired, frustrated and burned out “govies” off the bureaucratic treadmill so they can have a profound, positive impact on their organization and create the dynamic, fun and peaceful life they long for.

I have served as an active duty Army officer, Foreign Service officer, staff leadership instructor and executive coach. I’m no stranger to the sensation of feeling simultaneously inspired by the desire to serve and restricted by the “needs of the service,” which is why I am so excited about my work. I recognize that government employees came into the service to make a difference in the world and then got bogged down in the system. In fact, I know exactly how that feels.

I love watching my clients transition into a new way of being – one where they love their jobs, change the world, and experience prosperity in all aspects of their lives. I’m all about using unconventional strategies and shaping an “intrapreneurial” mindset to create a real, lasting and positive impact in the lives of my clients, their families, their agencies and the world.

So if you’re realizing that your cup is empty – and you’re looking for a way to refill it – I’ve got an opportunity for you. And it’s FREE! I’m cordially inviting you to join me on Martha’s campus – the Greatness In Government campus. Simply visit us at and enter your name and best email address for a great video series. (I’ve seen it and it IS great!)

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