Forgotten Wisdom for Writing Without Fear

I was once told that faith and fear cannot co-exist.

Funny… I seem to hold those two opposing views together, all the time, just fine.

You too?

I see it A LOT in my authors:

They KNOW the world needs their book and message.
They WANT to write the book.


The Mental Monsters™ creep in:

Who am I to write this book?
It’s not worth the time, money, effort to write it.
Nobody will read it.
I don’t have enough material/knowledge/training to write a book.
It’s already been done; I have nothing to add to the conversation.

Guess what:

All these fears are LEARNED behaviors.

Here’s the forgotten wisdom for writing without fear:

At one point in your life, you wrote with joyous abandon. You told stories (perhaps dictated to someone with better physical writing skills) with ZERO worry about any of the mental monsters.

You shared your ideas, thoughts, dreams, stories, and wisdom freely. No judgement. No censorship. No worries about the future reader.

You shared with the exact same joy you drew, sang, ran, danced, and laughed.

With perfect acceptance of yourself – and joy for the future.

How do I know this?

I’m the mom of tiny kids and I’ve seen it first-hand. I know all too well that judgement and censorship and worries about the future WILL impact my children, the same way they impact us all.

But for now:

Recapture that childlike sense of excitement, enjoyment, and wonder. Enjoy the feeling of your pen slipping over the page, the magical way ideas flow through ink and form words. LISTEN to the sounds writing makes – the click of keyboard keys or the gentle skitch of pen on paper.

Sink into that KNOWING that Your Message Matters.

Because it does.

Kim Galloway
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