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5 Mental Monsters that KEEP You From Writing Your Book

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How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) – Without Sacrificing Your Life!

Kim's Kickass Publishing Checklist

Quick {Writing} Wins with Kim

Annual Gift Guide for Authors

The Perfect Book Outline Template

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Pretty Witty Bios

Write your “About the Author” bio for your book, Amazon author page, and marketing blubs in with this effortless template. In 20 minutes, write an author bio that shows your personality and expertise - without being boring, stuffy, or dry.

Writing Through the Holidays

During this 60-minute workshop, you get MY best tools for writing during the holidays AND you can take this information to any time your life/time balance is different than normal. Like when you’re on vacation!

Mini Courses

These small-but-mighty courses are designed to get you into motion - FAST! They can be completed in an afternoon or less.

The Book Idea Workbook

This is my flagship course that hones in on your idea - the one that you REALLY want to write (not the one you think you should write. That one feels heavy.)

This honors the message you want to share.

The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit

There's no need for stress, fancy tech, or endless Google searches because you'll learn how to self-publish your book for print and Kindle using this easy-to-follow toolkit.

Publish Your Cookbook Workbook

You don’t have to struggle to go from concept to published cookbook. I’ve fast-tracked your learning, targeted only to writing and publishing your cookbook, so you can get back to what you love: food!

Seek a Celeb

A 3-step process to help you identify the {right} famous person to write a book blurb for you, how to ask them, and how to keep track of who you’ve asked and when you need to follow up. All so you can USE that blurb to sell more books without running around in circles.

15 Minutes a Day to Write Your Book

Consistent actions add up: but only when you KNOW you’re being consistent. This course guides you through taking the right daily actions and tracking your efforts. No more WONDERING if you’re being consistent. (And you’ll get OFF the start/stop cycle – for good.)

Boost Your Creative Juice

Reconnect with the ease of being creative and from that place, generate tons of new ideas, embrace the fun of creative play, get out of your rut or slump, and get BACK into motion on that project that has stalled out.


These courses all have baby-bird-bite videos that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Finally Write Your Book

It's time to stop pretending to write
and FINALLY write your book.

Everything you need to plan, write, and finish your book so you can stop dreaming about sharing your message and FINALLY write your book.

Outline Oyster

One afternoon to write the living, breathing outline – one that keeps you on track, motivated to write, and is ANYTHING but boring or stodgy.

This is included in Finally Write Your Book. You don't need to buy both!

VIP Writing Mentorship

Work with me, one-on-one, for a full year. By application only.

VIP Writing Mentorship

VIP Mentorship is for the author who is ready to get focused, get writing, and get the book done. It’s the perfect combination of strategy, accountability, mentorship, and support, with full attention on your bestselling message.

This is a one-year, private mentorship with Kim.

I can't wait to see what you grab!

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