Borrowed Courage for Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

It happens to everybody: you, me, the guy down the street…

Impostor Syndrome.

Suddenly, you’re overcome with the feelings of just faking it. (And “it” changes – today it’s parenting, tomorrow it’s writing your book.)

And while bouts of impostor syndrome happen to everyone, you can’t LIVE in that space. Especially when you’re trying to write your book and share your message with the world. After all, you can’t help the people you are meant to help if you’re stuck hiding.

The best way to get over impostor syndrome is to provide your brain (and heart) actual PROOF that you are not faking it. Here are two things you can do to create courage when you’re faced with impostor syndrome.

1. Grab one of your (unused) pretty notebooks and your favorite pen

That notebook you’ve been saving? This is a great use for it. As you go through your days take a moment to jot down PROOF that you’re a successful writer.

Wrote on your book today? Put that in the notebook.
Got positive comments on a social media post? Put that in the notebook.
Had a press release published? Put that in the notebook.

What you’re creating is a PROOF file of all the ways you succeed as a writer – big and small. Then, when you’re wrestling with impostor syndrome as a writer, you’ve got proof, ready to go, that you’re not.

Start today!

But what if you’re currently in the midst of impostor syndrome and don’t have a proof file ready to go?

2. Grab a blank piece of paper and a big, fat marker

On that (big) piece of paper write in marker (bold!)

I am an author.

Put your hand over your heart and read that aloud to yourself. Again. Again. And each time you look at the words, say them aloud, and feel your hand on your chest.

You may start in a whisper. But I want you to – intentionally – say the words “I am an author” with more volume and belief.

Why are they written, spoken aloud, and you’ve got a hand on your chest?

To hit your brain visually, auditorily, and kinetically. (Yes, it matters.)

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