BEST Notebook for Writing Your Book

When I do my 5-Day Writing Challenge, one of the FIRST things we cover are supplies. Especially your pen and notebook.


Because as authors (and entrepreneurs) we have a DEEP love of office supplies.

But BUYING them and USING them are two different things!

I’ve fielded DOZENS of queries over the years about what is the best notebook to use to write your book – either the whole thing or notes.

Guys! This can SERIOUSLY trip you up…

Some people adore the expensive, leather-bound journals. The ones you need to mortgage your house to afford.

Some people grab the notes app on their phone; no tree-killing writers here!

Some people start and stop DOZENS of notebooks – and end up scattered.

Some people need lines. Or dots. Or blank pages. Or a steno-pad, with the spiral at the TOP. (Looking at you, lefties!)

Deep breath, my friend.

Because there IS a best notebook out there:

The notebook you will USE.

Let me say that again:

The BEST notebook for writing your book is the one that you will actually pick up, open, and write in.

The BEST notebook for writing your book is the one that you will actually pick up, open, and write in. Share on X

It will be an EASY move for you. Something that you don’t need to think about or agonize over.

And when that notebook is filled, then you’ll reach for the next notebook with EASE.

Two words of wisdom:

#1. Put your name, cell phone, and email address in the front cover. Mine includes the magic words: REWARD IF FOUND. (Because I will TOTALLY pay $50 to get it back!)

#2. If you use the same type of notebook over and over (for me, that’s a one-subject, college-ruled spiral notebook with a blue cover) then you need to put the dates it covers on the outside of the notebook. I also put the number of the book so I can easily find the one I’m looking for.

The ONLY way a notebook won’t work is if you don’t USE it. And keeping all your ideas locked in your brain is a sure-fire way to drive yourself crazy when you’re trying to write your book.

I cover all this and MORE in my proven course, “Finally Write Your Book.” It guides you through my 5-step process to go from idea to finished book – easily and without getting derailed or lost.

Inside the course, you’ll get:

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  • And more!

And yes, the course goes over your physical supplies, writing space, and more!

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The other thing that doesn’t work WELL is to scatter your notes across a bunch of digital and physical note-taking platforms. Pick ONE digital way (that works for you, especially when you’re on the go and don’t HAVE your notebook) and ONE physical notebook at a time. Then your brain can be easy knowing where all your notes ARE.


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