A Crazy Challenge for Connecting Deeply with Your Creativity

#myth – I need to be really creative to write a book.

#truth – creativity is fickle and comes and goes.

Creativity is a wonderful thing. And when you’re in the flow, there’s no better feeling.

AND waiting to feel creative (or inspired) and only writing from that space is a recipe for frustration.

If you’re not feeling creative… it’s time to go out and CREATE creativity. Creating creativity in one area of your life, especially in a low-risk way, breeds permission to be creative in your writing.

If you’re not feeling creative… it’s time to go out and CREATE creativity. Creating creativity in one area of your life breeds permission to be creative in your writing. Share on X

Here’s your crazy challenge:

Purchase (from a real store) some of the following supplies (hint: you should be able to do with for UNDER $10)

  • Paint, paper, brushes
  • Modeling clay or PlayDoh
  • Beads, glue, ribbon
  • Seeds, beans, rice, lentils, and glue
  • Silk or fake flowers, a wreath form, glue
  • Small wooden shapes or objects, paint, glitter
  • Crayons, markers, paper

Now, MANY of us will have these items at home. But I want you to plan a trip to a real store.

Handle the objects. See how they FEEL in your hands, how they look in the light, the textures and smells of the shop. THIS is part of the challenge – finding inspiration before you even begin!

Again, you don’t need to break the bank! Keep that budget under $10.

When you come home, you’ll need to supplement your supplies with scissors, paper (or a file folder), and from whatever easy-to-grab supplies you have at home.

If it’s not EASY to grab in your house, if it’s complicated, buried, or frustration-making… DON’T DO IT.

Now, set a timer for 20 minutes.


No right or wrong way. PLAY with what you have. Lean into the feeling of creativity without expectation, rules, or negative consequences.

Experiment with doing it “wrong.”

  • Mix all the colors of clay together!
  • Paint the sky pink.
  • Use the beans, rice, lentils (and spices from your cabinet) to create a mosaic. Or just a bin to run your fingers through.
  • Be abstract! Throw “art skills” out the window.
  • Use your crayons or markers to color on wood, plastic, glass.
  • Paint with your fingers.
  • Make a wreath; hang it up.
  • Put glitter on EVERYTHING – without worrying about the mess.

At the end of your 20 minutes… you can continue, or you can STOP. If you choose to stop, you may NOT entertain any thoughts of waste, mess, or frustration. In fact, if you’re fighting those feelings then KEEP playing.

This crazy challenge is to tap into your childhood sense of creation, creativity, and play.

What you’ll find is the NEXT time you sit down to write, you’ll automatically be able to tap into your creativity more deeply and easily.

Speaking of creativity…

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Harnessing your creativity IS important when it comes to writing your book – but it’s not the be-all, end-all need! You also need to know what and how to write so that you can reach your reader and share your message.

In my free virtual training, “5 Proven Steps to FINALLY Write Your Book” we also look at how you can get writing done – every day – without waiting for creativity or inspiration to strike. (AND without giving up your life!)

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