A 2-Minute Practice for Creating Space in Your Calendar to Write Your Book

It’s no secret that writing a book takes time. And if you’re finding, day after day, that bedtime rolls around without having found time in your day to write your book then you NEED this 2-minute practice.

And no, it’s not about time blocking, “punishing” yourself when you don’t write, or giving up ANYTHING in your life.

In fact, you can do this practice WHILE you’re doing something else! (I like to do it when I’m brushing my teeth – that takes about two minutes!)

Look ahead into the next 24-hours of your day. Where is the time that your BODY is busy but your mind isn’t?

Examples can be:

  • Dishes
  • Folding laundry
  • Waiting in a school pick up line
  • Waiting a kid’s practice
  • Between meetings

You’re looking for a SMALL section of time – 10 minutes or less is perfect.

Decide NOW that you’ll use that time to THINK about what you’ll be writing in your next writing session.

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Then, during that “crack of time” instead of listening to music, chatting on the phone with a friend, or zoning out, you’ll be thinking about what you’ll be writing next. (And you’re not LOSING any time from your day!)

This part of the practice should take about a minute. All you’re doing is DECIDING what piece of body-busy-mind-isn’t time in your day you’ll use.

The next part of the practice is to find time when you’ll do your writing. (After all, you cannot manifest a book! You can only WRITE a book.)

For the next minute, look ahead into the 24-hours of your day, and pick two or three times when you could WRITE your book.

Picking a couple of times that MIGHT work mean that if anything changes in your day, you know you’ve got a back-up time!

Your early morning coffee-and-writing gets interrupted when the kids get up with the sun? No problem! You’ve dialed in time after that appointment downtown to sit at a coffee shop and write.

Last minute invite to coffee with a friend in the middle of your writing time? No problem! You’ve already identified another writing time slot you can use!

The school drop-off line goes super fast? No worries! You’ve got time to write while the Instapot does its thing for dinner!

By using just TWO MINUTES of your day – either in the morning for the day ahead or in the evening for the next day – you can completely END the cycle of going to bed with yet ANOTHER day of not writing!

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