20 Uncommon Gifts for Writers (2019 Writer’s Gift Guide)

Looking for a gift idea for writers? I’ve got you covered! Welcome to the seventh year of the Writer’s Gift Guide. I’ve scoured the web looking for the best gifts for writers – no matter if they write fiction, non-fiction, bloggers, or just love the written word.

This list of gift ideas for writers is a labor of love! Gift ideas are always useful but to compile the list… it’s a lot of work. Still, I’ve got to say, I love researching and writing these gift ideas for writers each year!

I was just telling Ben yesterday, that THIS is my FAVORITE post to write each year. And since a couple of these gift have shown up in my stocking… I’m putting in a few personal requests.

To make your shopping a bit easier, just click on the name of the item to be taken directly to where you can purchase it! (It may or may not be an affiliate link, depending on what’s what!) At the time of publishing these gift ideas for writers, all the links work. But as the Internet changes, I can’t guarantee that they’ll all continue to work.

Gift Ideas for Writers – 2019 Edition

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New This Year

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Get the 4 oz can so you have plenty to play with. This is a great gift for the author who is suffering from tired, aching hands! Give those fingers something else to do and a different way to move and work. Available in soft or firm.

(Recommended by Teresa Taylor)


Inspirational Spiral-Bound Notebook

Brought to you by artist Emerald GreenForest, you’ve got several designs to choose from. Each notebook is 6” x 8” and has 120 pages of lined paper. In addition to the custom artwork, the notebook has a pocket on the back cover for storing pens or extra paper.

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Vintage Inkwell Bottle Quill Pendant

While I don’t love the idea of an author suffering all alone, by candlelight, there IS something romantic about this vintage inkwell pendant. Since this is an Etsy listing, no guarantees it’ll still be there in a week. Snap it up now!


The Writer Enamel Pin

I LOVE enamel pins – and buy them whenever I travel. This is an easy collectable to offer the writer who has everything (or the writer who is limited on space!) This one is a must-have for you enamel pin collectors out there. Since this is an Etsy listing, no guarantees it’ll still be there in a week. Snap it up now!

(And if you’re looking for a gift to get me… this is a great choice!)


Write Write Write Typographic Print

This print EXACTLY identifies my philosophy for mini-goals. Hang it where you can see it ever day (and then get back to writing!)

Available with WARM red/orange/yellow color accents, the COOL blue/purple/greens or the super funky NEON. Several sizes available. Also from Etsy but since it’s created at time of order, you’re probably safe to order any time.

Really Nice Pen & Pencil Set

It’s 100% old-school but nothing says “I believe in you” than an expensive pen and pencil set. All authors LOVE office supplies, we tend to buy the cheapest we can (since we go through it quickly and you know… a paper product addition adds up fast!)

This set is available in chrome/black, gold accents, and chrome/23kt gold plating.

(Recommended by Teresa Taylor)


Ampersand Earrings

If you love danglies or studs, these ampersand earrings are just too fun! I’m a fan of the studs in wood. The link on the title of this gift idea will take you to Etsy for all the listings, but if you click on the picture, you’ll go to the listing for the wood version I like.

Wood Ampersand Earrings


Punctuation Ornaments

Courtesy Archie McPhee

Grammarians, librarians and literate barbarians rejoice! There are finally Christmas tree decorations for you. The perfect gift for any author, English major, editor, or friend who corrects everyone’s grammar on Facebook. You’ve decorated your tree, now edit it. Includes string for hanging.

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Librarian Action Figure

Courtesy Archie McPhee

(Because literacy is a superpower!)

Archie McPhee (retailer) made the Librarian Action Figure, based on Nancy Pearl, to honor the heroic librarian. Talk about underappreciated! In a world where information swirls around us like a tornado, librarians are there to keep it all organized for us and let us know about the best of it. The Librarian Action Figure is an homage to those warriors of the printed (and electronic) word that keep fighting for literacy in the face of dwindling budgets and the decline of the printed word.


Literary (Temporary) Tattoos

Available in a TON of different genres, these are the perfect way to procrastinate writing your own book. These temporary tattoos are designed to be realistic, both in terms of their artwork and the way they look once applied. Each pack contains 6 temporary tattoos based on the book.

And here is an expanded set on Amazon, including a quote from Peter Pan (swoon!)


Back by Popular Demand


Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

The perfect writer’s tool when you have a water-induced brainstorm. Because let’s be real: jumping out of the hot water to write a note on the steamed-up mirror isn’t practical! The Aqua Notes notepad is the perfect solution to capture your next great water-induced idea.


Bathtub Caddy Tray

This is on MY gift list this year (I’m tired of popping a board across the tub and calling it “good enough!”) A bathtub caddy is what we need when we’re jotting down notes, reading, or just need to have a place to hold a drink. This year’s version… has a flip-up area to hold a book!


Coffee Joulies

Oh LOOK! Something else I’d love to find under my Christmas tree.

Each polished stainless-steel shell is filled with an advanced phase change material that melts at 140°F. Put them in your coffee and they absorb heat when it is too hot, storing that energy inside. When your coffee reaches the perfect temperature, this stored heat is released to keep it there longer. The 5-Pack works with up to 20 oz of coffee, one bean per 4 oz.

AND, for all of us who are worried about losing one… they’re pretty good sized so you’re unlikely to drink it. (It’ll probably kill a garbage disposal though.)

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Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows from Trader Joe’s

Every writer knows that chocolate is brain food. And when it’s coating a light, fluffy, perfect marshmallow it’s a recipe for writing a few extra pages!


15 Minute Sand Timer

When you’re working on your mini-goal, sometimes having an audible timer throws you out of the creative process. A sand timer is silent – and you can glance up to see if you still need to be writing or if you’re good to stop. In my life (even before the kiddo) I want something durable over breakable so I’m all about the heavy-duty plastic!


Perfectly Practical


Amazon Gift Card

I try to make buying gifts for writers as easy as possible – which is why so many of them are available through Amazon.com! What better gift for a writer than an Amazon gift card? And who knows… they could even use it on books!

And a gift card is available in ANY amount so that makes it 100% budget-friendly.


Carbonite Subscription

I’m a big supporter of making sure your computer is healthy – and I recommend automatic, cloud-based backup software. Carbonite is easy, affordable, and is what I’ve used for years. This is a great gift to give yourself – or any computer-lover in your life.

P.S. Read why I always back up my computer.


Roget’s Super Thesaurus

I’m not going to lie, you’re probably going to have to get this one used. But of ALL the thesauri out there, this one is the best. (And yes, I DID have to look up plural of thesaurus!) Easy to use and comprehensive in content, Roget’s Super Thesaurus includes these unique features: reverse dictionary, sample sentences, enlightening quotes, and more than 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

The next time that elusive, just-right word or phrase is on the tip of your tongue, reach for Roget’s Super Thesaurus.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time so I never have to deal with that “extra” hour in the mornings. But if you really want to ramp up your writing habit, read this article and then buy an alarm clock with “clinically proven light therapy lamp” from Philips. Hey, whatever gets you out of the cold bed and into your writing space is a-okay with me!


Massage Gift Card

I got a massage for my birthday and let me tell you… I needed it! After spending hours at the computer, a massage is great! But don’t get a $25 gift card. Go whole hog and spring for a gift card worth a few massages. Or at the very least, a 90-minute experience.

And if your author isn’t into massages (weird, but it happens!) then a Percussion massager is a decent substitute.


And as always, the best gift you can give a writer…


Buy Their Book

Let’s face it, all authors would LOVE to sell more copies of their book. So the best gift idea for writers is simple: buy their book! (And then have them autograph it for you!)


Did you find enough gift ideas for writers to satisfy your gift list this year? Just in case you want more ideas, check out past years for more suggestions!

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20 Uncommon Gifts For Writers
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