Your Must-Have Writing Playlist

If you ever read the author acknowledgements page in a book, you’ll often find a shoutout to a band where the author says,

“I want to thank Air Pistolas for their heavy-metal album “Shredded Tacos” – I played it on repeat while I was writing.”

Music touches our souls – and the RIGHT music can make the writing process easier.

And when the wrong music is playing in the background… heaven help us all because the writing process fully stalls out.

So what IS the best playlist?

This is one of those answers that is true and frustrating…

Whatever works for YOUR process!


What do *I* have in the background when I write?

Are you ready…

My washing machine and dryer.

Yep, for ME, the best writing music isn’t music at all. It’s the “pink” noise of my washing machine and dryer. (White noise is an even, constant sound with little variation. MY dryer is a constant noise (white) whereas my washer changes throughout the cycles (pink.))


The best writing playlist is the one that works for YOU. Something that fades into the background enough that you can think but fills up the background noise spaces enough you aren’t “listening for something” and driving your nervous system crazy.

How do you find YOUR must-have writing playlist?

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Inside the course, you’ll get:

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Writing a book has never been about the PERFECT playlist – but knowing what location, noise, tools, and time of day fuel YOUR writing is part of the process. So in Step 5: WRITING Your Message-Driven Book, you’ll get over 15 lessons on finding the writing process that works for YOU – and then following it.

You can find out how to get MORE writing done… without giving up Netflix, your kids soccer games, or locking yourself in your office (including a few must-know tips for writing productivity) in my free virtual training, “5 Proven Steps to FINALLY Write Your Book.”

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