Your Input Matters!

As I’m working on The Big Picture for my business for the rest of 2021 and into 2022, I want to make sure that I’m going to be serving you in the best way possible.

So can you take a couple of minutes and respond to these questions? You can email me OR leave the answers in the comment section below. I’ll randomly draw from the responses to send a $50 Amazon gift card!

Fine print:

  • You’ve got to respond to ALL the questions in order to be considered!
  • Deadline is 11/15/2021


As I announced yesterday, I’m going to be launching a podcast in December. Broad topics I’ll be talking about are your message, storytelling, and how to stay in the writing flow (i.e. getting your writing DONE.)

Inside of those three areas, what specific things do you want me to talk about?


Gift Guide:

I’m working on the 2021 Gift Guide for Authors. This is THE single biggest blog post/free thing that I do each year. And I want to make sure it’s valuable to YOU (or the people who buy gifts for you.)

See the 2019 guide.
No 2020 guide because I was too sick.

  • Is this gift guide valuable?
  • What types of gifts would you like to see on it? (Please, no pitches for your own products and services.)


Future lower-ticket products:

I’ll be adding a few more lower-ticket products to my offerings in the coming months. Which of these should I offer FIRST?

A. How to Use Your Email List (so it never goes cold!)

This isn’t about BUILDING a list, it’s about emailing them!

B. Pricing Your Book for Maximum Sales

This would be a companion to The Complete Self-Publishing Toolkit

C. First Aid for Writer’s Block: Never get stuck again!

This would be a rare tool that would be good for non-fiction AND fiction. (I’m usually 100% non-fiction)

Or something else? Is there a burning need you have for a smaller product-style offer? (These are home study products with no live teaching or live Q&A.)


Now, tell me about you!

I’ve noticed that my BEST clients have certain things in common. (That have nothing to do with demographics! It’s not an age, race, gender, location thing!)

And I want to know what YOU like and dislike, in general, so I can better target my copy, social media, and marketing to bring in more folks JUST LIKE YOU. These two questions are about you IN GENERAL. It doesn’t have you be about writing or business.

What do you like? (In general! Things that make you go YESSSSS!)


What do you dislike? (In general! I’m not looking for anything specific here.)


And one last set of questions:

Many of my newsletter subscribers come from various giveaway events that target people with online businesses. However, it seems that when I promote those same giveaways, MY folks don’t like them.

Does this mean that you’re not in business?

Or that you just don’t want ME to promote those types of events?

Where are you at in business?

IF I were going to bring you “business things” – free or paid – what are you looking for specifically?

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