You’ll Always Be Busy

Today is September 7.

Every year on September 7, I remember what I did in 2017. I got up early. Walked to my parents’ house. Had breakfast; dad drove me home. I went through my day – not working. By mid-afternoon, I was frustrated and vigorously (violently) scrubbing my bathtub. Back to my parents’ house for dinner – take out Chinese.

My aunt had been visiting for the past week and announced she would be going home the next day. I told her that she needed to wait.

And that evening – it happened. Labor FINALLY kicked off in earnest. Small Thing, who we nicknamed Ziggy while in utero, was finally on his way.

He was born on September 8, somewhere in the middle of the day, via c-section.

But every year, on September 7, I go through my memories of what I was doing THAT year; how I felt, what I thought, my emotions. The fact I KNEW I was in labor all day but didn’t tell anybody.

What annual thing do you remember (rehash) over and over?

Is it good or bad?

I’m not just reminiscing with you about labor! I have a couple of points to make:

1. Writing a book is NOTHING like being pregnant/giving birth/recovering from birth!

I LIKE labor. I don’t like being pregnant. (Yes, you read that right. Yes, it’s weird.)

Bottom line: bringing babies into the world is hard “work” that is mostly discomfort and waiting. You can’t put any intention into growing their elbows!

But you do put intention into writing your book. It’s work – doesn’t have to be hard or miserable – but it IS actual intentional actions.

2. It’s not too late for your dream!

It’s not too late in 2021 to write your book. It’s not too late in your life to write it.

There’s always that sparkly magic of January – A New Year.

Except… it’s just a date. Like any other. Like the personal magic I feel on September 7 that culminates on September 8. Or on October 23 (my wedding anniversary.) Or August 21 (Little Bean’s Birthday.) Or October 4 (the upcoming anniversary of the surgery-gone-sideways.)

One of my favorite authors said (threatened?) that he’d be writing until they nailed shut his coffin. And he WAS. And he hadn’t finished his epic fantasy series – so another author was hired to finish the story.

If that sweeping story can be finished posthumously, then YOUR book deserves to be written NOW. When it’s YOUR fingers on the keyboard.

3. You’ll ALWAYS be busy! There’s never going to be a “good” time.

For many families, today is the first day of school. For many families, you’ve already been back to school for WEEKS. And then comes the rush of Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s. (Oh LOOK! There went January!)

My darling author, you’re ALWAYS going to be busy. It’ll never get better.

In fact, look back at your life at periods where you were “busy”… and are you more or less busy NOW than then?

For me, that was college. I was so BUSY, too busy to write. Except… I really wasn’t, from the view of hindsight.

My “busiest” month every was one May in 2015. I traveled across the country twice. Sold my house, bought one. Launched a book. Joined the Sassy Mastermind (goal!) and saw a Gila monster on a camping trip (goal!) I decided that my busy month wasn’t going to stand in my way – and I had the best-to-date month in my business.

And I launched a book! It was an anthology so while *I* only wrote a chapter and the intro, I was BEYOND “busy” getting everyone else’s chapter edited and placed.

I’ve worked with several authors who chose to work with me because they were on sabbatical/furlough from their job and had All.This.Time to devote to their book. And they were STILL busy.

All of this to say:

NOW is the time to FINALLY write your book.

I want to help you.

It starts when you join me for “Brew Your Book: Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book”. Tickets are just $97.

This is a live and virtual 3-day event happening September 21-23, 2021. In just three days, you’ll learn how to write a powerful book that shares your message – without struggling to get the writing done.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • Exactly how to write powerfully and easily – even if you think you’re not a writer or struggle with expressing yourself in written word.
  • What needs to go into the book and what doesn’t so that your reader feels that you understand them – and are here to help.
  • How to deal with procrastination, writer’s block, overwhelm, and lack of motivation so that you’re able to keep going – moving forward and making steady progress – even if your inspiration gets derailed.
  • My proven method to consistently finding the time to write no matter how busy your life is!
  • How to engage your readers – from the first page – so that they keep reading, and so they recommend your book to their friends.
  • How to share your message in a way that your readers will remember – even if they forget the steps of your process, acronym, or system.
  • Why writing a book is the best way to be seen as an expert – and how having a book can open doors to interviews, speaking gigs, and more clients.
  • And more…

Please don’t think that you’ve missed out IN ANY WAY because the registration for the physical Gift Box has closed. That’s a gift from me to you – COMING to the event is a gift from your current self to your future self. It’s a gift to the sacredness of your Message. It’s a gift to your readers.

That all being said, I have decided that anyone who registers before September 16 will STILL get something physical from me: the printed coursebook. Yep, I’ll still print it, bind it, and mail it to you. And you SHOULD get it before the event


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