Writing Through The Chaos

I’m the first to understand that “life happens” but don’t let it be an excuse for not writing – and following your dreams!

In May, I spent 11 days out of the office (and out of state!) AND packed up my entire house and moved. (BTW I thought that since it was “just” across town, it’d be an easier move. Ha!)

But I’m not letting that stop me from STILL writing and building my business. It is a challenge? You have NO idea. Does it make me just want to cry in frustration? Um, yeah, I’ve SHREDDED some tissues lately. Would I give just about anything for a magic wand to make the unpacking be OVER already and life back to normal? You betcha!

But in the midst of it all…

I’m still writing.
Still taking client calls.
Still building the next big program.
I’m still investing in myself and my business.

So here’s the deal: You can’t let ANYTHING get in your way for creating your dreams. No, it’s not easy – it’s early morning, late nights, and writing under less-than-ideal circumstances. But this is life. It’s not always easy, ideal, or fun. But the dream is worth it!

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Right now, I have a client who is writing her book in the twenty minutes while her daughter naps. She stays up an extra half hour to get it done. Because the dream drives her.

When I was still working a full-time job (sometimes 40 hours a week, sometimes 60) I still found time to write books, create blog articles, and do all the things that needed to be done. Could I had said, “I’ll do it when…” and waited?


But instead I did it anyway. And THAT’s what I’m focusing on this week. My life is chaos at the moment, I’m working from a folding chair on a laptop in my parent’s spare room (STILL no Internet at my place – let alone a functioning office!), and I’ve got boxes EVERYWHERE. So I’m pulling up my “big girl panties” and getting it done!

(With a hefty dose of emails to clients explaining that things are awkward and they need to email not call!)

Your dream is there – reach out and take it.

Kim Galloway
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