Writing the Book of the Universe


Have you ever had the feeling that you HAD to do something and that it had to be done right now? Right now! In fact, the feeling of NOT taking action made you feel uncomfortable, antsy, and emotional?

A mentor of mine calls these moments “taps from the Universe” and it’s where God is tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Do this!”

Last week, I had no fewer than FOUR conversations with different entrepreneurs who were getting the taps about their book but they each had the same concern:

Each wanted to write a book BUT it didn’t tie directly into their business. Each author expressed feeling like the book was calling to her and that SHE had been chosen to be its author. But, was the book still worth the time and effort to write since it didn’t fit neatly into the business box? And once it was written, what should be done with it?

I’ll be the first to admit, I hate wasted effort. I hate wasted time and it drives me crazy when I can’t do one move and get multiple results. It drives me crazy! (And I think that’s why I dislike doing laundry or the dishes so much; no matter how well I do it, there’s always more to do!)

I want you to notice the language that was used:

“The book is calling to me and I have been chosen to be its author.”

That’s pretty powerful, isn’t it? Being chosen to write a book is a lot like being chosen to be a parent; it’s a huge gift and responsibility and joy, all at once.

For these four women I spoke to, two are writing memoirs of very painful subjects, one is working on an inspirational book, and the fourth has been called to write a novel. None of these books directly tie into their businesses, but all four have decided to step up and take action.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be asked to write a Book of the Universe. So far, my phone hasn’t been rung with the “Write THIS book NOW, Kim” message from God. Maybe it will happen for me, maybe it won’t. Regardless, I’m here to help them write the book they’re meant to AND see it published.

Because for me, that’s the other side of the Book of the Universe. No, it may not have wide commercial appeal. But when God has asked you to write such a book it means that not only will you the author have something huge to gain from the writing process, but it also means that there is someone who needs to receive your words.

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And here’s the thing about when a book is calling out to be written:

It’s a gift from the Universe, from God, from our Creator. And writing these books needs to be done, no matter if it fits neatly into the box of our business or not.

When you have been called to write your Book of the Universe, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how or if it will fit into your business. What matters is the call and willing having the faith to begin the writing process. Being guided by Source to create such a manuscript means that there’s no way the book can fail; unless you fail to take action.

My mentor also says that if you ignore the gentle taps, sometimes you get the 2×4 whacking you alongside the head! So if you’ve been getting that feeling that you really need to write THIS book and write it NOW, please do it!  I can help you.


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