Writing When the Suckies Strike…

I have a confession to make… it’s Tuesday and I just don’t feel like writing an article for the blog today. I know that it WILL happen because after THREE YEARS of posting every Tuesday and sending out my weekly newsletter there’s no way I’m going to miss it now but…

I just don’t want to.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a straight-up “how to” article with steps or tips. But nothing is coming to mind as earth-shaking.

I’ve even been “cheating” and revamping some older articles – but that gets boring QUICKLY – and I’m rather bored.

071216-FanAs I’m settling into this “blah” feeling, it’s not about writing in general. In fact, at this very moment I’ve got at least three projects that spark excitement. But as for writing a meaningful article… crickets. Blahs. I’d go take a nap except that Ben is installing a fan in our room and my bed is covered in tools and pieces of the fan.

So what’s my practical advice in this situation? Two things…

1. Suck it up. I’ve got an article to get out and my feelings about it are really irrelevant. It’s a promise I fully intend to keep to myself, to my readers, and to the Kim of 2013 who said she’s do this weekly.
2. Write something I am excited about. At this point, I’m ready to just bang out the article and the newsletter into and move on. As my “reward” for getting the article done, I’ll spent an equal amount of time on something that thrills me.

Is this article a bit “cheating” since it’s ABOUT not wanting to write the article? Yep! But let’s be real here, there are LOTS of times when you’ve got to do the thing even when you don’t want to – today that just happens to be the weekly article and newsletter. I could spend hours agonizing over it (or complaining) or I can just get it done and move on.

Up next… Some really fun client projects!

What do you do when the suckies strike? (I’d love some ideas for next time!)

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