Writing Projects Outside of Your Niche

I do a lot of consultations with entrepreneurs who are looking to write a book in their niche. And this is a GREAT idea since it can help you really get your message out there, increase your reach, credibility and perceived expertise.

But sometimes these same entrepreneurs admit to me, rather sheepishly, that they have ANOTHER book project they’d just love to work on. Something that has NOTHING to do with their niche, business, or expertise. I really think they’re looking for permission to branch out and do something that really won’t forward their business at all.

Except that these “other” projects really DO help you forward your business!

Take for example, Pastarelli. I’ve written about him in a few articles. This book has NOTHING to do with writing and publishing blogs and books or with the other niche I write in, outdoor recreation. So why does this completely different project make me a better business owner?

Because Pastarelli is a passion of mine. And while I know that I need to keep the main thing the main thing, I’ve found that by doing something different has really increased my passion and creativity IN the main thing. But taking a break and writing something completely different is another way to re-charge your batteries and keep things fresh.

I’ve got two projects in the works that are completely out of my normal writing scope (and one is completely out of my comfort zone!)

Project #1:

I have sponsored events and had trade show booths a LOT throughout my professional career. And I’ve created a ton of tricks, tips, idea, and checklists that I really want to share. This book has nothing to do with anything in my current business. BUT the information keeps rattling around in my brain looking to get out.

I haven’t quite figured out how to turn this into a list-building exercise but I think the possibility is there. See, I have these GREAT checklists for trade show booth setup and I would like to offer this as a bonus to people who buy the book. What I’m not sure about is if THOSE people would be interested in a newsletter about writing…

(I’d LOVE your thoughts on that!)

This is a pretty small project. Like a rainy Saturday afternoon when it’s too nasty to hike and I’m too brain dead to really work.

Project #2:

A novel. Yep, I’ve been slowly outlining and planning a novel. I started in November, actually, collecting ideas and beginning my research. A novel is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and I’ll admit I’ve been a little freaked to even start writing. Jotting down ideas and doing research is WAY easier than actually beginning.

And I’ve been a little bit let off the hook because I refuse to start such a monumental project when I’m still in the middle of the LAST monumental project I’ve started: video.

But the video project should be launching in the next 10- to 14-days so I’m rapidly running out of excuses about the novel.

Now here’s the thing with BOTH of these other projects. I will be spending time, energy, creativity and effort on them. But I know that neither is really my MAIN THING. But both are side projects that will help with my overall creativity!

And, the novel is a goal of mine for 2014: Write Something That Scares You

So here’s the advice that I give to all those sheepish entrepreneurs who ask me about the “other” project they have brewing. Go for it! Enjoy the process but know when you need to come back to the main thing.

Kim Galloway
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