Are You Writing a Book You Love?

Let’s talk about love…

At the risk of sounding overly sappy or 80’s movie corny…

Are you in love with your book?

Do you get the warm fuzzy feelings when you think of it?

Let me pause here:

I get it that you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of you or the unknowns you’re facing. Especially around publishing… I’m talking about the topic you’re writing about, divorced from the work.

Do you get choked up imagining that person pulling your book off a shelf in a bookstore, curling up with it at home, and realizing that THIS was the book they needed?

Do you feel like you’re writing a love letter to the person who needs your message?

Do you?

Or are you writing the book you feel you should write? Writing it because:

… you want to be seen as an expert, so you’re pouring everything you know into one book.
… will do anything for more clients, and you’ve heard a book is the way to do that.
… it’s ‘time’ for you to write a book – you’ve done as much as you can in your business so this is the next step.
… feel like the book you’d love to write isn’t the one that you should write right now.

So let’s talk about love.

When I’m working on projects I love (personal projects) I get a thrill when I think of them. I get the warm fuzzies when I imagine that future person reading it. I pour everything I have onto the page – especially in the first drafts – to get the message out of me and pray that it will reach that One Soul it’s meant to reach.

A book that is written from a place of passion – with love and compassion for the reader – will see success. Period.

It doesn’t matter the topic. It doesn’t matter the size of the book. It doesn’t matter how small the genre or how crowded the genre. You’ll be excited to invest the time and money into that book – and you’ll be able ot clearly visualize the rewards.

The book that is written because you should write a book will fall flat. It’ll be boring to write and boring to read. You’ll struggle. And you’ll resent the investment you make and feel like it was a waste of time and money.

And when the book doesn’t bring you the [fill in the blank] that you wanted, you’ll resent it even more.

So please, right now, if you’re writing a SHOULD book


Don’t write that book. It’s not worth it.

Go and work on the book that you want to write. The book you’ll love and that will show that love and passion and excitement to the world.

Okay… now there’s a possibility that you’re writing a book and you don’t actually KNOW if it’s a love book or a should book. You’re working, yet, but you don’t know any more if it’s because you feel you have to or because you get to write it.

Let’s chat. It’s a free Book Topic Evaluation Call and I’ll help you assess your passion level and make sure that the book you’re writing is the book you really should be writing – or if there’s something else… Sometimes having that neutral outsider is exactly what your book needs.

Kim Galloway
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