Why You SHOULDN’T Write a Book



The word that killed a thousand dreams and launched a million failed projects.

Typically, when personal development folks start going on about “should” they talk about how you’re “shoulding all over yourself” i.e. you’re beating yourself up about the things you should do, should have done, should be doing, should not have done, should not be doing.

(Take a moment to ponder the grammar in that sentence and freak out about verb tense. I’ll wait.)

And while I’m definitely NOT a personal development guru or self-help expert, I mostly understand what they’re saying:

That SHOULD kills your momentum and dreams. Do it (or don’t) but stop shoulding yourself.


Now let’s talk about how “should” functions in MY world.

It goes like this:

You’re having a great time, chatting with a new friend or acquaintance. You’re telling a story about something that has happened in your life – good or bad – and they’re hanging on every word.

Your verbal storytelling skills are spot-on. You’ve probably told this story so many times before, you know just how to deliver the emotional punch lines, where to speed up, where to slow down. How to change your voice inflection, how to gauge your listener – and make adjustments to your voice, story, and pace to KEEP them hooked.

And then…

And then…

And then…

You get it:

“That was GREAT! You should write a book.”

{Insert dramatic sigh and pregnant pause here.}

Telling a great story to a live audience does NOT mean you should write a book. Or that THIS story should be in the book, the basis of a book, or belongs anywhere except where you’ve already delivered it – live, verbal, and to your listener.

Years ago, when my business was new, I did a strategy session call with a local lady. She’d been told for YEARS that she “should write a book.” Honestly, I don’t even remember what her book might have been about.

But every word in our conversation DRIPPED with heaviness. Even her well-rehearsed stories felt… flat.

You see, so many people had told her “you should write a book”, she started to think that she SHOULD.

But nobody ONCE asked her if she WANTED to.

Until me. And when I asked her what she really wanted to do, she wanted to run her goat rescue and play with her grandkids.

So I gave her permission to NOT write a book. The “you should write a book” book. And she got off the call lighter, happier, and armed with the answer to give the next time she was telling her engaging stories and somebody hit her with the “you should write a book.”

Friend, I’m no immune to this myself! Not that *I* tell people they should write a book. Dude! I KNOW better.

But that well-meaning strangers tell ME what I should write about.


We all have [just enough] desire to please people that when the “you should write a book” line is trotted out, we pause and consider…

But MOSTLY, that feels heavy. Because it’s a “should” book. And if we WANTED to write a book about this, we would have already started.

And if you’re like MOST of the authors I work with, you’ve maybe even started ideas, writing, an outline, a whole draft on somebody else’s idea of what you SHOULD write about.

That is a project doomed to fail.


Because the desire to write that book isn’t bubbling up inside of YOU. It’s not percolating in your heart, soul, and mind.

So IF you start, you won’t finish. You won’t like it. And should, by some weird tour de force, you FINISH it and publish it, your READERS won’t finish reading it. Because the whole energy of it is filled with…


When you’re CALLED to write your book and share your message, that feeling is very different. It draws you forward and lights you up. And THAT, friend, is where I can help.

ZERO “shoulds” allowed. It all starts with “Brew Your Book: Stop “Percolating” on Your Message and FINALLY Write Your Book” and I want you to join me. Tickets are just $97.

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  • And more…

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P.S. There’s ANOTHER type of “should” book that is especially insidious for entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for details on THAT book.

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