Who’s Judging You?

It’s a human, Universal truth: we want to be liked. We want to be respected. We want to be appreciated.

We don’t want to be judged.

When you’re writing, when you’re putting your precious message on to paper, it’s natural to think about the person at the other end of the message. The one who will be receiving it. The one who’ll be reading it.

And you’ll wonder…

What does that person think?

  • What does she think of the message?
  • What does she think of the writing?
  • What does she *gasp* think of me?

At some point, your brain will start to think of all the ways that mythical, future reader will be judging you. Comparing you to… somebody. Dissecting your message. Evaluating your grammar. Eviscerating your typos or sloppy prose.

It’s a terrifying thought. To know that somebody is reading your words.

It’s often enough to keep fledgling writers from writing at all. Never mind that it’s impossible for somebody to peer over your shoulder and see your words as they’re appearing on your screen or in your notebook.

Projects stall out. Stories stay unwritten and messages unshared.

Or at the very least, you’ll write – but you won’t publish. In any way, shape, or form.

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All to keep from being judged. To prevent anyone from forming an opinion about you.

Being judged is scary and unpleasant.

I’ve been judged. I’ve had bad Amazon reviews, mean emails, and negative comments left on my blogs.

I’ve had creepy comments on YouTube videos. I’ve been slandered on forums and whispered at in person. (Here’s part of that story!)

Here’s the thing though:

For every person who judged me… there are hundreds who just don’t care enough to form an opinion.

So what?

I don’t (often!) lose any sleep or energy around the ones who form negative opinions over the small slice of my life, my opinion, my experiences that they see.

Can it be hurtful?


But you know what is more hurtful?

Knowing there is somebody out there for whom my words are their salve. The balm for their ego, the bandages for their bruised soul. There are people out there who need my message, need it desperately.

That’s who I write for.

That’s who you should write for too.

Because I know, deep in my heart, that my words don’t just pour forth into the void. I’m not, actually, screaming into the tempest with no one receiving my message. I even know that there are at least a bare handful of souls who don’t just get my weekly missives, they read them. Every week. They comment on them – either sending me emails or, in one case, talking about it to their spouse.

My darling, your message is the same.

If there aren’t people who are judging you yet, there will be.

But you can decide if they’re judging you based on what you do – sharing your message with the world – instead of what you don’t. Hiding your message doesn’t mean the world doesn’t need it. It only means you’re giving into the fear of judgement and letting small minds keep you silenced.

Can it be scary?


But your message is worth it. You’re worth it. For one person, you can be the candle in the darkness. Your message matters.

Get your book written – and go out and be a spark for others.


One lone candle, lighting another.


Kim Galloway
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