Who Is the Boss of Your Success?

My dear client, coach, and colleague, Holly Doherty, has a great answer to the standard mentality of passing the buck, engaging in the blame game, and otherwise abdicating your role in your life.

You need to take responsibility for what is yours to take.

I have to say…

I love this.

It’s not taking responsibility for EVERYTHING that goes sideways in your life. Not all aspects of a situation are your fault.

But it is taking responsibility for what is – owning that, figuring it out, forgiving (if needed), and creating a plan so it doesn’t happen again.

This gives me tremendous freedom in my life – from anything from my finances, business, writing, courses I take, and even parenting and housework.

Like back in February when I got the flu (and then Small Thing got it) and before I knew it… POOF! a whole month was gone.

Was I responsible for getting sick?


But I was responsible for keeping in contact with clients and then picking up the pieces of my business (and bank account) and getting back to work. When March was marked by the virus and the whole world getting turned upside down, figuring out what was MY responsibility allowed me to keep moving forward each day.

Am I fully responsible to get my writing done?


Does it mean that it’s always easy?


But I utilize my own “mini-goals” to help me out.

Same goes for any investment I make in training, mentorship, or coaching. Just last month, I bought a ticket to a great live-but-virtual event. Except I KNEW I wasn’t going to be able to attend – so I also bought the VIP Upgrade Replay Package. When that arrives, it’s 100% up to me to DO THE WORK.

And last week, at my own live-but-virtual event, it was the responsibility of each attendee to either attend OR buy the recordings (and then listen to them!) We had people there from FOUR countries and six time zones. And it went GREAT!

What about parenting and housework?

Well, I need to take responsibility to be a good mom – teach Small Thing to the best of my ability. And when he throws an ever-loving-two-year-old-tantrum… it’s my responsibility to CONTINUE to be the best mom I can.

It’s not my responsibility to make sure he’s happy every single minute. It’s not always a “yes!” – if it’s against my responsibility as a good mom.

If you’ve been around me at all you’ll know my on-going battle with folding the laundry and managing the piles of chaos. So I own up to the messes I create – and stop trying to play the martyr card for anything else. (And of course, continue to pick up after Small Thing and the dogs – because they can’t!)

So I’ll say it again (to paraphrase Holly)

You need to take responsibility for what is yours to take.

Behind on your writing? Get mentorship and then get started!

Buy courses you don’t take? Complete the ones you’ve invested in!

Something out of whack in your life? Figure out what is your responsibility, and it’s not ALL your problem, and then make a plan to tackle it.

You need to be the boss of your success. (Just like you’re the boss of your business!)

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And yes, I’m coming too! Because even though I’ve been Holly’s client, I KNOW that I still have more to do to be able to TRULY step into my own message.

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