Where Hollywood Does Endorsements Wrong (and one celeb that’s right)

American TV is filled with commercials of Hollywood stars endorsing various products.

Copyright – Aveeno

Aveeno and the glowing skin of Jennifer Aniston. And since so many of her Friends co-stars look like plastic mannequins, it DOES make me wonder if her secret MIGHT be a lotion or a cream. (Doubt that it’s a drug-store lotion though!)

I used to LOVE the “What’s in your wallet?” commercials with Jennifer Garner. (I’m not actually a fan of hers but I thought the commercials for Capital One were hilarious.

And who can forget the sexy voice of Matthew McConaughey talking about a Lincoln car? Although THOSE commercials always seem strange and disjointed to me since the voice track doesn’t make SENSE.

Which leads us to celebrity endorsements for your book.

Sure these three stars have name recognition. And even if you don’t know their NAME – you can probably recognize their voices and faces. However, outside of the glowing skin of Jennifer Aniston, these endorsements don’t make SENSE.

What financial advice is Jennifer Garner qualified to give that means I should use THAT card?

If you’ve read “Green Lights”, Matthew McConaughey’s memoir, then you KNOW that driving a luxury car doesn’t exactly fit with who he is. He’s an old junker van or a beat-up pickup kinda man. (Seriously, he drove a tiny RV for YEARS – roaming the country.)

A celebrity endorsement for your book needs to be the RIGHT celeb – not just a giant name but a name and CREDENTIALS that make sense paired with YOUR book, YOUR message, and YOUR readers.

It’s not hiring a famous name – it’s seeking out the exact right person who will give your book a glowing blurb – and that helps sell books.

Having the right celebrity endorsement means that when a reader is cruising Amazon and looking between a few books, they are more likely to choose YOUR book. They won’t know who YOU are, and they might not recognize the name of the celeb giving the endorsement.

They can and will be swayed by the CREDIBILITY that an expert can bring. The titles, the credentials, the fact that that person is in a position of prestige and giving an endorsement to your book… matters. And it brings in more sales.

This doesn’t have to be a mystery!

In my new course, “Seek a Celeb: Getting Endorsements that Get Attention” I’ve given you my complete 3-part framework so that you can identify the {right} famous person to write a book blurb for you, how to ask them, and how to keep track of who you’ve asked and when you need to follow up. All so you can USE that blurb to sell more books without running around in circles.

This is the exact process that was previously only accessible to my highest-level publishing clients – and you can get it NOW for just $97.

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  • Have a plan to ask, receive, and USE the endorsement

All without asking the WRONG celebrity (that can actually HURT your book sales) or delaying your book launch because the celebrity is too “busy.”

And if your book is already PUBLISHED – then you can still use this to get celeb endorsements. They will 100% help your marketing efforts.

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