When you can’t actually seem to get the thing… DONE

Have you ever had this experience:

  1. You WANT to do the thing.
  2. You can SEE the end goal.
  3. You are EXCITED about what life will look like when the thing is done.

And yet…

You can’t actually seem to get the thing… DONE.


Friend, that is ME right now.

There are so many projects that I can just envision the end goal. Everything from:

  • Writing a new book. (It’s even half-outlined!)
  • Starting a new blog.
  • Painting the china hutch in my dining room.
  • FINALLY putting away that giant pile in the bedroom.
  • Hanging up the decals on the wall in Baby Cheeseball’s room.

And yet…

All these projects feel stalled out.


Because I’ve missed the first step.

It’s NOT envisioning the end goal (although that IS important.)

Nope, it’s actually figuring out THE first step.

Not all the steps (although you need that too.)

But THE first step.

So with the half-outlined book…

It’s not actually “finish the outline.” It’s actually “find the 3×5 cards” – and my notes. Then finish the process I started from The Book Idea Workbook. Outlining (Step 2 in Finally Write Your Book) comes far down the road.

Starting a new blog isn’t outlining content. It’s not even setting up the tech. (All that DOES need to be done.) It’s really… wait. Because I’ve made an offer on a domain name and I need to see what happens there. THEN, I can move forward. For this project, I can brainstorm some content – IF that makes me feel like I’m in motion and IF I realize it is, to an extent, busy work.

Painting the hutch… I need to get the Kilz from River house. EMPTY the thing. Decide if it needs more surface prep… But as I think about it, the REAL first step is to create space in the house where I CAN actually empty the piece!

See what I mean?

Putting the PROJECT item on your to do list is a sure-fire way to NOT get it done. Because all projects (ahem – WRITING YOUR BOOK) have sub-steps. And while you can, often do them out of order, that IS the hard way to go about getting the project done.

Like that pile in my bedroom… It’s there because I don’t have any place to PUT the stuff. Could I organize it more neatly? Yes. But there is no other home at the moment.

Even hanging up the decals – which is probably the easiest project on this list. I have to move some stuff to get to closet. Find the box where they are. Close the closet, move the stuff BACK so I can move the crib to get to the wall. And we ALL know that if momma is moving furniture, she’s damn-straight gonna VACUUM behind it.

So how do you take this “Oh! THAT’S why I’m stalled out!” revelation and apply it to writing your book?

You need to start in the right place. And you can list out all the steps AND realize that for every step you can see, there are other things in the way (some might be as simple as moving a chair to get to the closet, others as monumental as “but where do I put my PLATES while I’m painting the hutch?!”) – and it’s those hidden trip-you-up-steps that are keeping you stuck.

Because while your conscious brain might not have eyes on them, your subconscious KNOWS that “draft the outline” ISN’T your first step.

When it comes to writing your book, I’ll tell you where to start:

The right place to start is The Book Idea Workbook.

This is for you if you’ve not started AT ALL or if you’ve started and stalled out.

In fact, 100% of my VIP clients start with The Book Idea Workbook as the pre-work for the VIP Writing Mentorship. And if there is ONE single thing in my constellation of courses that moves the needle the most for authors it’s…

The Book Idea Workbook.

At just $97 for LIFETIME access, it’s a steal. You can return to it any time you’re feeling stalled out. (I do!)

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