When the “Template” Doesn’t Work to Write Your Book

I once sent an email with the subject line:

“Do you want a template to write your book?”

And the open-rate was Off.The.Chart.

People DO want a template to write their book.

Do you?

Does that sound… easier? Simpler? Faster?

Here… use these ten chapters, change out THIS story, put your point in HERE, format it like THIS…

Sure, it SOUNDS easy.


Templates don’t work for a message-driven book.

You can’t boil down YOUR knowledge, YOUR expertise, YOUR message, YOUR heart and soul connection with the reader into ten chapters that fit perfectly into a pre-determined template.

And when you try…


The “write a book template” that you’ve tried… you already know it doesn’t work for you. YOUR message is bigger than that.

There isn’t a cookie cutter way to write a book.

What there IS, is a proven system. One that works for ANY type of non-fiction book, and one that has been proven, time and again, by message-driven authors just like you, around the world:

Finally Write Your Book

Doors open soon for Finally Write Your Book. Inside the course, you’ll get:

  • Kim’s full “Story Path” System ($5000 value) this is the exact same PROVEN system that has helped authors JUST LIKE YOU write their books
  • Students-Only Facebook Community ($3750 value) where you can find your accountability buddy, access the group Q&A call, and have ongoing support
  • Monthly Group Q&A Call ($2000 value) so you have MY brain on your book — and hear from your fellow message-driven authors.
  • How to Take Author Headshots ($400 value) so that your readers can instantly connect with you.
  • About the Author Action Sheet ($500 value) so you can easily write your author bio for the book, your marketing, and speaking gigs!
  • Software Recommendations ($1000 value) so you know exactly what you need to write your book and don’t waste time “shopping” for programs.
  • CTA worksheet ($500 value) — so you can have your readers take actions (buying a course or getting on your list) without having your book read like a long-form sales letter OR leaving the “work with me” to be an afterthought.
  • And more!


The course guides you through each step, one at a time, so that you can be successful in writing your book. And you’ll write the book that’s on YOUR heart – not a templated book that looked good… but then really doesn’t fit YOUR message, YOUR stories, what YOU want to share with the world!

And as soon as you enroll, you have instant access to the entire course AND you’ll have lifetime access so you can do it at your own pace! No need to KEEP waiting on that “As soon as…” to happen in your life.

RIGHT NOW – learn how your book is unique to YOU in my free class, “How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) in 2023 – Without Sacrificing Your Life!” Register Here.

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