What’s in Your Way? What if it Wasn’t …

This past Saturday, I attended Dr. Venus Opal Reese’s “Black Woman Millionaire Tour” stop in Los Angeles. I left my house at 4:30 am to fly to LA for the day – getting home at just after midnight.

I went because I knew that Dr. Venus had a message I needed to hear.

You may remember, that back in January, I helped Dr. Venus publish her book, “The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act that DEFIES Impossible”. On January 24, 2018, she took it to a multiple-category best-seller in just over 3 hours.

And since then, that book has sold THOUSANDS of physical copies (not one single “free” Kindle download since it’s not available as an eBook yet) and has touched countless lives.

Because she knew she had a message to share – and she wasn’t going to let the 30+ publishing houses who told her there was no market for her message stop her.

Let me say that again:

Over 30 publishers TOLD HER NO.

But Dr. Venus had a message to share and she would let NOTHING stand in her way.

Back to Saturday …

I’m still nursing Small Thing. So imagine my dismay when I learned from my midwife that at his age of 8 months, he’s probably consuming between 15 and 30 ounces of breastmilk a day. And I had about a tablespoon in my freezer.

TMI alert: I can totally breastfeed the baby. But a breast PUMP? Nope. No luck. Ever.

So my freezer was bare and I knew the baby would be hungry.

The easy thing was to cancel my trip. Put Kim-The-Mom first and stay home.

Thankfully, that same midwife was able to source enough donated breastmilk to get us through the day. Hurdle 1: Over.

Now, Hurdle 2: What about Kim?

More TMI – My system is used to feeding my kid. And the plan was to be separated for a whole day – not just an hour or two?

Thankfully, the same midwife was able to help me outfit a manual breast pump and give me the coaching I needed to at least be more comfortable during our time apart.

By this time, my wish to travel lightly with just a large purse was CLEARLY not going to happen! Not only was I hauling my notebook, my copy of Dr. Venus’ book to be signed, and snacks, but now I needed to bring along a breast pump AND a worn onesie so I had a tactile tool to use to help me use that pump.


My mom was roped into playing with her grandson all day. But because of my super-early departure, she would also spend TWO nights at my house.


Yes, I live in Arizona. No, I DON’T live in the Phoenix Valley. I actually live two hours north of the airport.

And here’s the last hurdle:

I don’t drive at night. Between my astigmatism and my always-dirty glasses and the inevitability of a dirty windshield, I’m not confident in my night-driving skills. Around town? Okay. But across the state – after a long day?

That was NOT a safe idea.

BTW: I didn’t even start driving on the freeway or interstates until I was 28! I’ve had to do a lot of “mental monster” work on myself around driving. I know my skills and reactions aren’t good enough for major night driving but add in my physical eyes/glasses … Nope!

So, that left me the airport shuttle. Which is half an hour away from my house. And is a 2-hour trip. So just the shuttle alone accounted for nearly 5 hours of my day.

It was a loooooong day.

There were many times when I wanted to take the easy way and just not go. It was too much. Too hard. So much worry. So many things that could potentially go wrong.

Guess what went wrong?

Nothing. (Well, the TSA agent snicked my snacks but that was my fault for bringing a squeeze pouch of baby food and no BABY!)

I knew, like I know my own name, that I HAD to be at the event. That it was critical to the growth of my business – and my growth as a person.

I let nothing stand in my way of making the trip happen.

There was a message I needed to hear: and I had to BE there to hear it.

So what would it look like if you let NOTHING stand in your way of writing your book and sharing YOUR message?

I’m asking you to get clear:

What has to change or shift so that you can finally give yourself permission to write your book? Permission to share your message? Permission to change the world?

Write it down. Leave me a comment. I want to support you in your message AND in your commitment to make it happen so you can finally write your book.

Right now, you’ve got an opportunity to get the mentorship you need so you can successfully write your book, tell your story, and share your message. You can join me for “Finally Write Your Bestseller: 5 Steps to Write A Best-Selling Book (Easily!)” >>> Enroll Here.

As Dr. Venus says – we’ve been waiting for you.

Let’s make NOW the moment you start your book – and actually write it this time!

Kim Galloway
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