What’s the Next Step for Your Book?

This is for you if your book is:

  • Almost finished (at least 85%)
  • Finished but not edited
  • Edited but not published
  • Published but not selling
  • Selling but not as much as you want

While in most instances, sales, marketing, and launching freak people out, when it comes to a book, all authors can think about is holding that book in their hands – and telling the world about it.

So much so that I often have Discovery Session calls with authors to talk about publishing, only to discover… the book isn’t written yet! For some reason, the idea of promoting your book sounds oh-so-fun. And authors just can’t WAIT to dive into the nitty gritty of cover design, titles, and how they’ll market the book.

Marketing Your Book IS Important

There are lots of “how to write a book” experts out there who will say it’s NEVER too early to think about marketing your book.

I disagree.

Because while I think your writing mentor should have eyes on your future marketing – so that your book doesn’t give away the farm, leave your readers with a false sense of closure, or end up feeling like a really big sales letter – you, as the author, have more important things to think about while you’re writing.



But marketing your book IS important. Without a plan for sharing your message to the world – with a book launch and ongoing marketing – your hard work, creativity, and storytelling prowess will go to waste.

So when your book matches one of the five criteria above, then you MUST start thinking about marketing your book.

That marketing really shouldn’t be the concept of, “throw everything at it and see what works!”

You need a real marketing PLAN.

Bestsellers Open Doors

There was a short time in my career where I thought the title of “bestselling book” was overrated. After all, with a free Kindle download, anybody can be a “bestseller”, right?

Hint: FREE books, cannot, by definition, BE bestsellers.

What I realized is that a real, genuine, bestseller – with full-priced sales – IS something of value. And that “bestselling” title opens a huge number of doors. Doors that need to be opened to stages, clients, and platforms so that you can share your message – and lives can be changed.

In fact, one area where I LOVE to work is marking an authentic, business-building Amazon best-seller. (No $0.99 Kindle eBooks here!)

I do that just ONE time each year:

During the 3-day in-person event, “Your Bestseller Live! Market Your Message to Bestseller Status”. Early bird registrations are open now, and you’ll get the BEST deal through March 15.

During our 3 days together, you will learn:

  • Exactly what it takes to have a best-selling book and how it will open doors to media, speaking, and more clients.
  • The steps to uncover your powerful message so you can move your readers – and change their lives.
  • How to cash in on the momentum and excitement created by your bestseller launch so you can fill your events or programs with ease.
  • How to use your book to be seen as a marketplace expert – and leverage that into opportunities you never thought were possible.
  • When to think about your marketing – and how to leverage that plan into your writing.
  • The differences between a best-selling book launch and any other type of online launch.

And here’s something REALLY cool:

The event is May 21-23, 2020. AKA Memorial Day Weekend. Which means that you should stay an extra day or two and check out Sedona or the Grand Canyon. I’ll EVEN send you an Arizona tourism packet to help you plan your visit.

No matter what, you will leave this event transformed. Because you are uniquely gifted with a powerful message that will impact countless lives and change countless hearts. So let’s get this this show on the road. Register today – spaces are filling quickly and there is ONLY room for 20 in the venue!

Reserve Your Seat. Bird Registration is $397 through March 15.

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