What’s Your Catalyst Moment?

What is that trigger event – that moment in time – that makes you say, “I’m not going to wait ONE DAY LONGER to write my book and get my message to the world!”?

All authors have one…

Because it really is easier to just TALK about writing than it is to sit down and put words on paper. Over and over. Building sentences, paragraphs, chapters – again and again until all your ideas are fixed onto the paper and you can move forward with all the steps that come next.

There’s a moment when you realize that you can’t keep waiting.

This is often a catalyst moment – something shocking that happens that makes you realize you can’t keep on the way you have been. Maybe it’s a death (or a birth), moving or losing a job…

Often you’ve been building to this moment so when you look back, the trigger event was just that – a trigger – but the desire to FINALLY write your book had been building for a long, long time.

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Perhaps you’re tired of seeing your colleague’s successes (with their book) and think “They’re no better/smarter/knowledgeable than me!”

Or you find a book on the market that is Your Book – the one you’d been intending to write (maybe you’ve even started it) but it’s still unwritten.

The deep desire to write your book and get it into the world builds – but you can suppress it. You can keep it dormant for months, years, or even decades.

Is that what you really want? Or do you want to say, “Yes, this is it!” And get into motion?

So what’s your moment?

For me, it was January 11, 2012 – the night before my dad’s birthday. Through a series of chance encounters (i.e. emails that I NEVER opened but did this week) I found myself on a webinar about publishing Kindle books. The webinar was clearly a “get rich quick with Amazon” style, delivered by an expert who had an 8th grade education. The PowerPoint was full of typos, the gentleman’s urban accent was so thick that at times I had a hard time following him, and he often talked in circles.

But here he was – a man who had far less opportunities in life than I had – publishing books.

He was living MY dream – and he was doing it better than me.

In the years since I’d graduated (with a DEGREE in Creative Writing, for crying out loud!) I’d done exactly nothing with my dream. I wasn’t writing – even in my spare time. I wasn’t getting my message out there.

This man was.

Deep breath – invest $2,000 in his program.

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By January 31, 2012 I’d written and published two books. By the end of that tax season, I’d written and published another three more – as well as claiming my spot as a Best-Selling Author for 3 of the 5 titles.

So what’s your moment?

What’s the trigger event that will get you into motion – get you writing so you can FINALLY share your message with the world?

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