What to do when you don’t feel like writing

I’m going to tell you a secret:

Sometimes, I DON’T want to write.

Today is one of those days.

It started off just fine – with my early morning work time in the living room. Just me, coffee, and the laptop, in the dark. The light of the Christmas tree.

And then it felt like my day has slid downhill. No one thing has been all that bad – but it’s been a series of small annoyances and aggravations. Compounded by the 23,497,123rd day of cold, clouds, and wind so none of us can go outside.

I’m probably going to venture out in a few minutes to chop wood. Do we really NEED more wood? Probably not. Do I think the fresh air and physical activity is going to be good for me? Yes!

So what do I do on a day like today?

I take a dose of my own mentorship:


Review mini-goals here.

And then, I’m calling it good.

Today, my “15 minutes” was on the introduction to this “article.” And that’s 100% enough.

If I’m getting technical, these 270 words are ALSO a half a page.

So I’m done. I’ve written. I’ve emailed you. (Sign up here.)

I’m going to chop up wood and then eat something (I’ll feel better!) and probably paint some this evening.

And as you know, one of the powers of a mini-goal is that once you’re in motion, often times, it’s not so bad. And if the motion STILL is hard, if the writing STILL sucks, if you’ve tried THREE TIMES to write the article well…

I did it. And it can always be better tomorrow!

Kim Galloway
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