What Lego Teaches Us About Writing a Book

This is from when I gave my Legos to Small Thing for his fifth birthday.

Did you know I saved all my Legos from when I was a kid to share with MY future kid? I couldn’t WAIT to share my love of Legos with my future progeny.

Now, when I say Lego…

I do NOT mean the giant kits on the market today. The ones with instructions and specialty pieces and that are (supposed) to only build one thing.

Nope! I mean the giant spill of brightly colored blocks that can build… anything. And the inevitability that you’re building a yellow house and you run out of yellow bricks so you have to improvise with a red stripe. (True story!)

Little did I know all those hours spent sprawled on my mom’s living room carpet, building with blocks, would teach me so many lessons about writing a book!

1. Have a plan

Houses don’t have wheels and cars don’t get flowerpots.

Deciding what you’re going to build BEFORE you start clicking things together saves you time, frustration, and energy later on.

Aka: it’s a lot harder to create 100 pages of SOMETHING and hope a book can fall out of it!

2. You don’t HAVE to build from the ground up

I LOVED making the roof of the house. So I would do that FIRST – and then click it onto the house later.

You DO need a plan to write your book, but you CAN write chapters, stories, sections, out of order and then click it together later.

3. Comfort matters

Even as a KID, I’d get sore sitting on the floor for hours. I’d need to stretch, take breaks, MOVE.

Along with physical comfort is MENTAL comfort – knowing that you’re on the right path. That you’re writing the book on your HEART – not the one that your head is demanding. They are often VERY different.

(I’m actually drafting an article just about that and where *I* screwed it up in the past! Stay tuned.)

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